Student neighborhoods not only ones with moving issues

Bowen Street in South Boston

Take, for example, Bowen Street in South Boston, where a concerned citizen complained about the state of the sidewalk at 1:21 p.m. At 2:28 p.m., a DPW supervisor marked the complaint "closed" (and attached photographic proof) because "rash and furniture removed from sidewalk and put back in driveway till trash day." It's unclear whether the DPW moved the stuff or the tenant.

Also see W. 4 Street.



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South Boston

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Is a student neighborhood with a high percentage of student rentals. Drive around the neighborhood and you will see many piles of trash throughout the neighborhood.

There's probably not a

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There's probably not a negative correlation, either. You are right though, it could be any transient person leaving their garbage out on moving day.

Toss up

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Sea Dog box says yuppie, but the ugly furniture screams student.

South Boston

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Does it matter if the trash is left by students or a longtime resident? It's still trash. The month of September is a big month for lease changes in this city. South Boston is now inhabited largely by people who sign these leases.
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Happy Labor Day!!


Eastie - goin places!

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Yeah, same complaints popping up over here on Noddles Isle as well. People moving on Sept. 1, may or may not be students, definitely leaving crap all over the sidewalk. Not too much different from normal trash days, just an added amount of furniture.


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Is this really worthy of whining about? Some people need to get a life. The 'ugly' furniture and trash will be gone before you know it and you'll be able to get back to your beautiful person lifestyle.

Give us your address

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And we can leave furniture on your sidewalk, blocking it entirely, several days before pickup.

That said, in looking at the way the furniture is laid out, it might not be trash. What do I know?


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what if a person in a wheel chair has to get by?? That person is forced to use the street with cars zipping by.

Have some respect for my neighborhood you damn yuppies.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie.

You are confused

the Citizen's connect app is not for "whining", it's for requesting city services, for example, replacing a burned-out street light, paving a pothole, or, in this case, dealing up trash. Trash left out is *exactly* the sort of thing the app is meant for, not for dealing with weightier issues.


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At least this is a legitimate complaint. Unlike the whine bags who constantly file complaints about litter on sidewalks. Life in the big city people.