Suffolk Downs claims casino goers will avoid Lynn like the plague

The Lynn Daily Item reports Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy is having a little trouble believing a Suffolk Downs traffic study that claims the resort casino planned for Revere will only add 18 cars a day to Lynn roads.



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18 is a laughably low count,

18 is a laughably low count, but I don't think that they will see TONS more traffic. Just look at the roads in/out of Lynn. If you are coming north on Rt1, you get off later down the highway, nowhere close to Lynn. Coming from the south, you don't even touch Lynn. The only people clogging up those local roads would be people from Salem/Beverly/Peabody/Marblehead/Swampscott/Nahant on 1A and Western Ave. They need to get the bridge in Saugus by GE finished for this project though. They have a rickety erector set looking thing as a temp one for now.

No End In Sight

Both the General Edwards Bridge on Route 1A and the Fox Hill Bridge on Route 107 have been under construction for several years, and there's no end in sight. The "Erector Set" bridge was put in place as a "temporary" measure (à la Quincy's Fore River Bridge) while the Fox Hill Bridge is demolished and rebuilt, but it's still going to be many more years before it's scheduled to be completed.

Mathematically Challenged

I know that gamblers are often mathematically challenged, but this should be an insult to anyone's intelligence. On one hand, they're promising 4000 new jobs for people in the immediate area, and they're also claiming that (however many) thousands of gamblers will be going out and spending $50 million per year at local businesses.

Since we know that neither employees nor patrons will be traveling to the casino via the Blue Line extension from Lynn, the suggestion that only 18 more cars per day will be added to all the Lynnroads combined is preposterous. It's just more evidence that all the casino promoters' promised benefits to our communities have been simply pulled out of thin air. It's blatant false advertising; they'll say anything to get people to vote for the casino, and are able to get away with it because there's no responsible person in authority verifying all the wild claims.