Suffolk Downs stables on fire

Suffolk Downs fire

WBZ reports.



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    How convenient!

    These are the barns that will need to be demolished (and relocated to the East Boston side) if the Revere casino is approved.


    I agree

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    Last month, these stables were supposedly going to be a hold up to the casino process due to their being classified as historic, and now they have (conveniently) been damaged by fire so they will need to be torn down. The twists and turns keep coming...



    Supposedly the fire was started by a lightning strike, and secondly, this was a kitchen building, and no stables were damaged.

    "Historic" stables

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    Now that statement would be very funny if it weren't so terribly pathetic. We've got to stop automatically considering everything beyond a certain age as possibly being of historical significance and worthy of preservation.

    As a friend of mine, who has one of his degrees in historical preservation, once stated to me during one of our many discussions on the subject (preservation, not horse barns):

    Most old things are just that - old things

    Suffolk Downs has shown

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    Suffolk Downs has shown themselves over and over again to be a dirty organization, from the many violations as a racing site (i.e. discharging animal waste into nearby wetlands) to the current array of casino related dealings such as felonious business partners and now this. If they are this bad when they are trying to impress the state, imagine how they will act if they get one of the golden tickets to operate a casino!



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    You're happy there was a kitchen fire?

    No i am unhappy that this

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    No i am unhappy that this dirty organization is allowed to bid for a casino, after repeatedly showing they are unable to safely and legally operate a horse track.


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    what is the link between poor agricultural practices and the abililty to handle casino gambling?

    I haven't heard of anything untoward happening on the gambling side of Suffolk Downs, which is surprising as a major race fixing scheme in the 1970s was based out of the Boston area.