Sumner Tunnel crash bollixes commute

Around 8:20 a.m., Matt Karolian reported:

No movement. Police, fire and EMS trying to make their way to the vehicle(s).




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    How would we commute without you, Adam

    I was feeling a bit lazy this morning, and considered a couple different ways to get to work.

    I thought about riding to the redline, but the update was useful in quashing that.

    Then I thought about taking the express bus that goes down I-93, but I fortunately checked UHub while waiting for the Mister to pick up 10lbs of coffee at the roaster to take to work ... and bike to work it is!

    I found it rather satisfying to slowly pass a completely packed red line train on the Longfellow, with the blue sky and the the mild breeze.

    Thank you so much for the continued coverage of commuter snarls! For those of us who have options, it makes a big difference.

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    How Do You Use The Sumner Tunnel, SwirlyGrrl?

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    I also appreciate Adam's peerless, comprehensive, and up-to-the-minute coverage of Boston area transit and traffic.

    From the stories you've told SwirlyGrrl, I didn't realize your commute ever involved crossing Boston Harbor. Though, if there's a trick to using it as an option for certain situations, you'd be someone to know all about it.

    I would not feel safe biking on the roadway, and the sidewalk is barely passable! People walk through the Sumner and Callahan, but I've never seen anyone riding or even walking a bike through any of the harbor tunnels. How do you use the Sumner Tunnel as a commuting option?

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    Once one tunnel in the system backs up

    Everything backs up!

    Even the Sumner, which carries inbound traffic, will set off the Rush Hour Chain Reaction of Doom - congestion in Eastie pushes traffic to other roads and also causes the Callahan to jam up (traffic can't exit into the congestion) and it all goes downhill from there.

    We use the Central Artery tunnel when we drive, but express buses use it, too. When the other tunnels clog up, so does I-93. This, in turn, screws up the bus schedule to Haymarket via I-93.

    While waiting with The Mr.'s bike outside the coffee roaster, I noticed that the 326 was severely off schedule ... so I checked UHub and found the reason. I thus decided not to lock my bike up or throw it on the bus rack, but to ride all the way in instead.

    The Mr.'s coworkers confirmed that I-93 jammed up as a result of the tunnel mess.

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    People walk through the tunnels? This is a serious question, I've never seen that, but it's ballsy. And I had always assumed, not anywhere close to legal.

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    I've heard rumors of people

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    I've heard rumors of people doing it late at night, after the T is closed. Or hitchhiking.

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