Sure, but can he shave at the same time?

Jimmy Doan posted this video of a guy unicycling on a moving Red Line train today.

Close shave on the Orange Line.



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    This is all very entertaining

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    until something happens and he crashes into someone. This man thinks he is amusing but he is truly a friggin idiot and totally selfish.


    To be fair

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    So wasn't this thread


    You forgot!

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    Zombies, whinos ,druggies, the cast of the movies the warriors and west side story and by next week sharknado of the blue line vs subway rats

    Complete and Total Outrage!

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    I think that this guy is terrible, and this is totally dangerous, even though the chance of him doing anything more than bruising someone lightly is pretty much nil, and I think that this should be made illegal, because I am a person who is addicted to righteous indignation, and has a socially debilitating superiority complex! I don't have much control, in this world, over the things that make me uncomfortable, so I'm going to try to exert too much control over other people and things, because it makes me feel good, even though I should probably be going to therapy to feel good.


    Elderly, handicapped, pregnant?

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    Ask yourself how you'd feel if this guy knocked over your grandfather, your pregnant wife, or pregnant you when the train stopped quickly.



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    Please take a mental image of this clown, if anyone sees him in public please verbally assault him.


    Please grow up

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    And mind your own business. Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize.

    Probably going to go a lot further in life than your sorry conformist ass.

    Sure, he's dumb for doing it

    Sure, he's dumb for doing it on a train but that takes an incredible amount of skill to stay upright on a stationary surface alone. Rather impressive


    At last we have

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    a legitimate reason to pull the emergency cord when a moving train is between stations.

    High risk of danger

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    Transit police are right in saying this kind of act is "dangerous". It is harmful to the unicyclist himself and to the other passengers on the train. Just stand or sit on the train it's that simple. Other passengers shouldn't encourage this kind of act because they are risking their own safety as well as that unicyclist's safety.