The suspect wanted for smashing a window on an Orange Line train at Community College wasn't hard to find


He was the shirtless guy, covered in cuts and holding a brick, just standing there right outside the station, around 3:30 p.m. yesterday.

"Yeah, I did it," Stephen Fusco, 46, of Malden, told officers, Transit Police report.

Fusco, scheduled for arraignment today in Charlestown District Court on a charge of making threats to commit a crime, did not proffer a reason for applying his brick to a train window.

Innocent, etc.



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Reported him yesterday for kicking and punching the doors, then spitting on the wall as he walked off the train at Kendall. He was having a day....

Saw Him Friday Night

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On Orange Line train at about midnight, yelling about "Irish & German cops." Almost got his head-handed to him by a pack of unamused teenage girls. F-bombs galore, recently broken nose - typical T stuff.

will we see all of these

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will we see all of these arrested T creeps back on the T? will they go away? I would like to know the result of their crime as far as punishment. I once witnessed that guy who punched that handicapped college kid on a redline train verbally harassing women passengers one time. hope he is off the T forever but we shall see. video I took is listed below.


'No trespass' an option?

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If you cause a ruckus at a store, the retailer can send you a no-trespass letter, basically saying if you come back they'll call the cops. Can the MBTA do anything like that? Rescind one's T privileges?

Sigh...criminals do in fact have rights

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I don't think you can bar someone from *public* services for life without a really, really good reason. Like, life imprisonment. Particularly something like public transportation.

If you beat up somebody on a sidewalk, it's not like someone can prevent you from ever walking on the sidewalk again. If you have an extensive history of harassing patients, you can't be barred from life from the hospital. Same goes for a train - the state's interest in barring a certain rider does not outweight the rider's need to go to/from work, etc.

Then let's just take ur

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Then let's just take ur opinion to heart and let him free. Pay him for his time.


But I'm not sure they can do anything permanent. They can definitely give a trespass notice for at least a limited amount of time.


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Thats one hellva a broken nose... either that or he's an alky...

I swear more than half of the

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I swear more than half of the people arrested by Transit Police have noses that look like they've been bent sideways. Just scroll through the TPD Blog.


I rather drive and not put up with any of them. Oh and add gropers to the list of your fellow T patrons.

It this happened over the airport

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The airport would be on lockdown and MSP Swat teams would be everywhere and the person would be in federal court with no bail, on the subway a T-cop will be by herself fight this maniac in a knock down battle and go to court where the judge will dismiss all the charges and the nut will be back on the subway before noon