Suspicious steel briefcase shuts Symphony Whole Foods

Bomb squad at Fenway Whole Foods

Bomb squad getting suited up at Whole Foods. Photo by Brian.

UPDATE, 12:55 p.m. Whatever was in the suitcase determined to not be a threat.

Managers evacuated the Whole Foods at 15 Westland Ave. around noon when they discovered an unattended stainless-steel briefcase just sitting there, inside the entrance.

The BPD bomb squad is on scene; firefighters are staging down the street, just in case they're needed.



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Uhub Rules!

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Adam, the folks over there at picked this up, attributed to you, and ran as breaking news....


Cool, those new reporters are paying off

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A couple weeks ago, I doubt they would have had the resources, what with the staff busy compiling the slideshow on "What Tom & Gisele have been up to lately" that is now on the homepage.

Oh, mercy, where are my manners?


Their plans for

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Seem to be to turn it into a giant aggregator site, and leave the serious news to They've hired a couple of reporters recently, who are basically doing the same exact thing I'm doing (you know that Secret Service impersonator on the Lowell Line thing? One of the reporters saw that on Boston Reddit and turned it into a story). Main differences: In addition to local aggregating, they're also doing bizarro national/international stuff ("Nine crazy Malaysian airliner theories that just might be true!"). Also, no local crime stuff - they're leaving that to the oldtimers on staff.

So I bet you when the redesign comes out within the next couple of months, we'll see the Globe really was serious about turning into a Huffington Post/Buzzfeed thing, with lots of listicles and slideshows, all in large-size fonts with tons of leading between lines because airy large-size fonts with a lot of space between lines are cool and edgy for some reason, not because the average age of their readers is 76.


Well, that sucks

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But it will save me time, as I'll get 97% of my Boston news here, and glean the rest from Twitter, since my "don't pay for the Globe as long as any of that money goes to send Shaughnessy to Spring Training every year" policy remains in effect.


Sunday delivery

They seem to be working on canceling my Sunday delivery for me. Two of the past three weeks I've had delivery problems, and even after I called and requested redelivery (within the magic window of time) I've gotten nothing.

What a shame. It's almost

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What a shame. It's almost like a wasted domain name. Boston Globe was lucky to get it first, was that 1996? I've watched it go downhill but it seems to have picked up speed lately. It used to be one of the first web sites I would visit in the morning, now I don't bother.

Looks like it is trying to gain younger viewers but not to be taken too seriously.

Good luck to them, I wish them the best but to read today what Tom and Gisele are up too, well it's just too insulting.


Channel 4 picked up that

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Channel 4 picked up that Secret Service impersonator story and ran it as their lead item on the 11 PM news last night.

clutch the pearls!

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I never! One expects such activity at Stop & Shop, but WF?


Oh stop. You've clearly never

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Oh stop. You've clearly never been to the WF in Fresh Pond, or even this one where plenty of non-pearl-having students and grad students etc shop. Get over yourself.

Unfortunately for comedians everywhere, that stereotype's gonna die someday. Last time I went to WF, about 90% of the things I wanted to buy were cheaper at WF than they were at S&S.