Suspicious suitcase shuts JP street

UPDATE: Per Jennifer M., all clear sounded around 11:15 a.m. - it was an empty suitcase.

Police have blocked off the area around Brookside Avenue and Ophir Street to await the arrival of the bomb squad, which will examine an suitcase just sitting there.

H/t Jennifer M.



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      What happens on trash day?

      When there are 30+ gallon barrels with unknown contents? Every car could have a bomb inside too? Oh, yeah, the City is countering that with less parking.

      Less parking makes sense

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      Cars are explosive - even burn down buildings in 8 alarm fires.

      That's when they aren't being used as terror weapons - either in traffic, or with bombs.

      Jitters Grip Hub?

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      Likely unrelated, but I was walking around Castle Island at the same time and there was a single engine plane making long figure eights from west of the Backbay, over Dorchester, to Quincy and back. And a Coast Guard copter looping around Dorchester and the harbor. Kind of creepy.

      Oh, Come ON Boston

      Seriously. We're blowing up SUITCASES in a residential area of JP now? Seriously?

      At some point, someone will do an honest appraisal of the need for all of this Homeland Security funding, yes? And perhaps start to use some of it for something like public education or crumbling bridges?