SUV stolen from right outside Menino home

The Globe reports on the theft of a Hyundai Tucson rented by Angela Menino. Until Jan. 6, Tom and Angela Menino had a 24-hour BPD detail posted outside their Readville home.



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Here's a theory

What are the odds that someone was so accustomed to their 24-hour armed guard that they simply forgot that most people without armed guards lock their vehicles and take the keys with them?

I know that people are crazy,

I know that people are crazy, and if I were the Mayor and living in a non-high rise building I think that I would be a little freaked out too, and I'd probably go for the police detail. I would be curious to know if, in the 20 years that Menino was mayor, was anyone caught lurking suspiciously outside the house?

Police detail outside their

Police detail outside their house 24/7 maybe wasn't such a good idea, now that it is no more.

Of course, the idea was for Mr. M to be mayor for life, so under that scenario, all might have been fine, at least to all the big municipal spenders (aka Democrats). [Tell me again, what's a taxpayer?]

Is that cardboard cop from Alewife Station available? Or maybe his clone? Or did the local police union rub him out?


It's common knowledge where the guys lives. As mayor you'd get 1 or 2 desperate people a week showing up at all hours to ask for help. It's not unreasonable to make sure the guy is safe (be it Mumbles or Marty.)


Nothing new

A friend of mine lived on Chesterfield back in the 1990s. Cars were stolen from the street back then.

Of course, not from in front of Menino's house.

And the duty cop was probably asleep when the theft took place.