T cop arrested three times in two days

WCVB reports, posts his mug shot. The Globe reports his journey to the other side of the booking room started when he allegedly assaulted a woman at a party.



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      He shouldn't be any kind of cop

      And these contracts probably need to be modified to put people on "unpaid leave" when arrested for a serious crime like assault. Otherwise it looks like the state is rewarding outrageous conduct with a vacation.

      Saves you money in the long run Dan.....

      The guy will be fired, but civil service and contracts prevent cities and towns from just cutting people off from their paychecks. What if he turns up innocent and the guy loses his house? It's a long shot, but you better off paying him the 3k this month than have to pay him the 300k if he is found innocent.

      Consider it a lost cause.

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      Consider it a lost cause. This state wastes more money on less. His salary is going to be less than the cost of the new carpets they plan on putting in the state house.

      A contract change that puts an employee on unpaid leave before he's found guilty of a crime would go over like a fart in church. The union would fight for something pretty big in return for that language change.

      Most important part is that, if convicted, you get a dangerous police officer off the street.

      Contracts and civil service

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      Contracts and civil service laws can be changed.

      What happens if someone in the private sector is fired and loses their house because they're arrested 3 times? Why should it be different for government employees?

      That would depend, wouldn't it

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      If the private sector person does not have a morality clause as a condition of their employment, gets fired before their day in court, then get cleared of the charges, the employer would have an interesting wrongful termination lawsuit to answer to.

      On the other hand, there's professional sports. I don't think I have to say more on that.

      So he is on paid leave while

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      So he is on paid leave while he sits in jail? If he cant go to work because hes in jail we shouldnt have to keep paying him.

      Depends on what kind of time he is using....

      First off, I'm not sure he is still in jail, but if he was, and wanted to take two weeks vacation or something, you have to pay him for those days.

      And yes, you have to pay him because legally he is still innocent until proven guilty.

      Poor Pete

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      Having to defend this a-hole.

      Of course, you're absolutely right. Silly due process gets in the way all the time.

      Yeah, but

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      I won't get hit by the blue line crap. And hopefully my comment will keep that from happening.

      Hanging might be a bit much, but he certainly is giving them the rope to do it with.

      It's due process, people. Now, if you excuse me, I am going back into hiding until I have to explain that bail is not a form of punishment.

      EDIT- I did not know what the guy looked like when I commented on punishment. Do not read into that.


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      How many employees have criminal backgrounds and if they beat their girlfriends senseless how many beatings do they give out to the poor souls they kick out of the subways on a daily basis.