That T cop's real mistake: He didn't transfer to BPD and start a column in the union newsletter

Wait, the MBTA is disciplining a cop for a racist Facebook post? Dude was just on the wrong police force.

The Boston Police Patrolmen's Association newsletter, Pax Centurion, has been running cracks like that for years without any punishment. Oh, sure, back in 2012, advertisers started dropping off when Occupy Boston types and the Phoenix started pointing out the "jokes" and then the union put the newsletter archives behind a password.

But neither Occupy nor the Phoenix exist anymore and Pax Centurion is back in public where just anybody with a Web connection can read copies. And, hey, they're still running "jokes" like these samples from the past four issues:

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has been reported in the United States. The disease is believed to have originated in Saudi Arabia, and is possibly contracted from camels. Hmm MERS from camels, AIDS from monkeys, can you crazy Third World perverts STOP making out with animals?

I did a detail near Agganis Arena, which was hosting the "New England Robotics Championship." It was like watching an eight hour marathon of "The Big Bang Theory" minus the hot neighbor.

If it's true Bergdahl is a deserter, he should be welcomed home with a 21-gun salute pointed at his chest.

Pop tart Justin Bieber is doing the public mea culpa after a video surfaced of him telling racist jokes. Hmm what are they going to make him sell – he actually used the "N" word?? I didn't even know he was dating V Stiviano! File under: KKKanada…

After an avalanche on Mt. Everest killed several of their fellows, Nepalese Sherpa guides have stated they won't assist climbers during this season. They will now be known as Shirkers. More news from the world's tallest peak: Embarking from the Tibetan (China) side of Everest (where there are no age restrictions on climbers) an impoverished 13-year-old Indian girl scaled Mt. Everest. Coming from the lowest caste in India (referred to as the "untouchables' because of their abject poverty), Malavath Poorna was sponsored by the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Society. A radio news report referred to her as "Slumdog Mountaineer.' Jeez, if I wrote that we'd been in the news again…just sayin'.

Instructions for Obamacare will be available in over 180 languages. Isn't that how we ended up in this mess in the first place?

On a recent trip to Florida, I saw a Chick-fil-A and decided to try the cuisine. I figured any place that could piss off Mumbles deserved a shot. The doors were locked – apparently those religious zealots close on Sundays. I managed to get by later in the week and was so mad they were "Banned in Boston." Funny, the owner expressed an opinion on gay marriage and was prohibited from opening in Boston, but the city provided land for a mosque. Correct me if I'm wrong but Islam's view on homosexuality is quite harsher than just not allowing gays to wed, isn't it?

More from Florida - I went to Hooters (just for the wings of course) and couldn't help but notice the table of Muslims, close by. The smell of irony completely masked the fried chicken, as the wives sat quietly in their hijabs while the nearly naked waitresses served the table.

Although they still use champagne to celebrate big wins, baseball players now spray the bubbly while wearing riot helmets and ski goggles. And the pansification of America continues.

I worked Halloween for the first time in several years. I was amazed at the skimpy costumes sported by the local girls. Sexy nurse, sexy schoolgirl, sexy cheerleader, etc. I even saw a sexy Muslim – her burkha showed her ankles.

I was inspired by the PSA's to make a donation at Christmas to OXFAM, but gave up after I couldn't gift wrap the %^^$#@* goat.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert sent out his own racist Tweet slamming Asians, after his show attempted to lampoon Washington Redskin's owner Dan Snyder, who's refusing to change the team's name. Calls have been made to cancel the show or fire Colbert. If that does happen, where will the Occupunks and Libtards get their news?

Meanwhile, across the pond-it's been reported that UK hospitals have been incinerating medical waste for heat. Sounds so green, doesn't it, until you learn that included in what's called "medical waste" were over 15,000 aborted and miscarried fetuses. Hmm I recall some other group in Europe burning bodies in ovens…just sayin'



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    *head explodes*

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    Just that.. *head explodes*

    Now these are clearly offensive! No misinterpreting these... simply offensive!

    I laughed... a few of them, but then again I read the Mt. Everest one as ""Suldog Mountaineer". Hey, sorry folks, not everyone has your pure sense of politically correct humor.

    Maybe you should get cable TV or something.

    You missed it

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    You musta not read the thread previous about the MBTA cop and my whole argument about not being clear. I was referencing that.


    When are these guys going to face consequences? How can their union defend them? They are making a complete mockery of the Boston PD.

    Cops... facing...

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    Excellent question!

    This originally broke because one of the cops who wrote for the Pax Centurion harassed folks at Occupy Boston.

    The people who have complained to the BPD about BPPA racism in the Pax Centurion & the cops who created it include:

    • the original Occupy harassees
    • other patrolmen's unions
    • a coalition of cops of color
    • my former union (not affiliated w/BPPA) & other MA unions who did not want the asshat cops to tarnish union work in general

    and I'm sure that's not all.
    (Props to the Phoenix ,who did a great job covering it)

    I think one guy was suspended.

    So… one knows when they will face consequences.

    And the union, sadly, is run by some of these jokers.


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    Someone whose main goal in a group setting is to lob verbal hand grenades -- and then laugh at the ensuing mess. Examples -- you -- and markk.

    Some of these

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    are laugh out loud funny.

    Stop being so hypersensitive people.

    Easy for you to say

    If you had to live in somebody else's skin ... and face these people and their guns and authoritay on the street ...

    I do face them on the street every day

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    But they have no reason to point their guns at me. They just walk right by, or sometimes nod or say something that sounds like "howyoudoin." Pretty damn scary, I suppose.

    I'm sorry

    I forgot that it isn't "real" racism unless any and every white person agrees that it is racism.

    Yah. That.

    why is it so difficult,doctor

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    fir you to appreciate 'white' people aren't the only people fully capable of being bigots, racists, jerks, etc.,? I understand you apparently come from a rural all-white community and it has apparently left you with PTSD, but please try snd curb you're irrational hatred or 'white trash', and evil, racist white people in general.

    Eh, separate from the

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    Eh, separate from the offensiveness these are pretty mediocre jokes. (And the offensiveness and the unfunniness is related.)

    Probably the least offensive one listed above, and the one which functions more or less as a conventional joke, is that Oxfam joke, which is just riffing on that gimmicky ad campaign they did. But even then, it's just a very hacky response to some low-lying fruit: Oxfam was itself being playful with their buy a goat campaign, so all they're doing is repeating the obvious. (Although in juxtaposition with the other jokes it certainly comes across as a bit mean spirited, but whatever.)

    And a bunch of them up there aren't even really jokes, they're just observations made in a snarky way. Snark can be funny, but snark only really works if you agree with the basic observation and think that the situation is ridiculous to begin with. So if someone disagrees with the observation, saying you're just joking isn't really much of an excuse.

    And broadly speaking that seems to be the general tenor of that column. Hacky jokes that sound like they're out of a "100 Conservative Jokes for Kids" book combined with general rambling about social issues.

    Are you telling me that cops

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    Are you telling me that cops are unenlightened bullies? Why that is the most surprising news I've heard all week!

    And yet

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    most of the people complaining the loudest about cops are the first ones to frantically punch 911 into their iphone as they're being jumped. The same people who think law abiding citizens should be denied access to firearms, and only police and military should have firearms. Same people who think people who defend themselves from being assaulted or defend their home should be charged with a crime. Same people who think when you are confronted by a bad person(s) who want to hurt and/or rob you, you should run away screaming and frantically dial 911.

    Sorry, I don't get the mentality. And this is not an excuse for police bad behavior. I'm not a police shill, or police union shill. We need to encourage greater proactive measures by people in regards to personal safety, and encourage people to be defensive if necessary and they're capable. This state even makes it difficult to own and use pepper spray! No wonder we're a 'police state' as some claim.

    How does any of this

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    relate to someone who's job description is to "protect and serve" making bad taste statements in a public venue?

    I don't care what officers do in private, but in public be professional. And that includes a widely distributed and accessible newsletter. I don't understand how your average waitstaff is able to hide negative comments from customers, and yet professionals who make quadruple what they do cant seem to.

    (Maybe I do. Perhaps cops should have to work for tips...)

    Offensive against Hooters

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    This is hardly the most important thing in those jokes, but Hooters waitresses aren't "nearly naked." They wear tank tops and shorts. It's not an especially Islamic style of dress, but it's not that far out of the mainstream of everyday dress in secular Western society. It's one thing to be ignorant of Islam, but if you're at a Hooters you should know better. What clothes they wear are certainly filled out, but there's a long way to go between that and naked.

    And I mean yeah, the role of the hijab is more complicated than just about covering up women. The juxtaposition is still a bit weird, but the idea is more that Muslims are expected to dress modesty, and so wearing a head veil is a way to display your faith. Ogling women certainly isn't particularly Muslim, but many religions aren't particularly fond of that kind of behavior. People don't have to be hyperconservative Muslims to support head veils.

    How do we know that these

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    How do we know that these jokes are racist? Their so-called “political incorrectness” is only slanted towards the people who don’t look like the white male who write them. You won’t find a single crude joke about say the family of the deceased first responders of 9/11, the victims of the Marathon bombing, or a BPD officer or fireman who died of a heart attack after eating too many donuts. That’s how you know that you are dealing with a racist writer an not just an insensitive one. The writer and the primary audience of these crude jokes only have empathy and respect for people who look and think like them.

    This rag is a real disgrace for the BPD.

    kudos to Adam for bringing this to the spotlight.

    Why doesn't someone run for

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    Why doesn't someone run for president of the BPPA on a non-racist platform, and then the majority of good cops can elect them.