The T doesn't fare well in the rain

Silver Line crowding

Packing them in at a Silver Line stop. Photo by Martin Zero.

Problems on the Red and Green lines mean crankytime for evening T commuters. Christie F. gives us a taste:

35 minutes ago my train pulled out of Lechmere. We still haven't reached Haymarket.

Southbound Red Line service has yet to reach standstill proportions, but that's of little solace to people jammed onto platforms who can't even sardine themselves into trains.



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Porter to Davis

25 minutes, according to Older Son.

Then he missed his bus, with the next one not for 40 more minutes.


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And the blue line wins again! Rode home after the gym around 615.. not one issue.

Huh, pay for new cars when

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Huh, pay for new cars when the old ones are hopelessly outdated? It's so crazy it might work.

Time to invest...

By on some new winter boots that are good for walking in. Anyone got suggestions for brands and models? They don't need to be super-warm, and they don't need big chunky waffle-stomper soles (which are pretty much useless in Boston nearly all the time), but waterproof is important, and some decent support.

I'm partial to Sorel and Kamik

The Canadians know how to do winter boots that are warm, walkable, and waterproof.

My son has a pair of Redwing hunting boots that he loves, as they are made for tromping around all day.


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Same here.. I love my Sorels. Yeah they are big and clunky but its one solid bonded peice so you can walk in up to a 8" of water and still have dry feet.

Best 150 bucks I spent! Ya I know I paid too much (City Sports only had my size!) and I wanted them NOW (after a previous year of soaked shoes I had enough). Never regretted it (except for maybe being patient and ordering online)

I love uggs!

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They are really easy to walk in, like wearing slippers. I have a 10 yr old pair and a 3 yr old pair, and both have help up great,

They get a bad rap, because they're so ubiquitous among college girls, and because, well, they're ugly, but they are really comfortable!. And when Jan and Feb come, they are amazing!

They sell them at the Tannery on Boylston St and they have a store on Newbury St.


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I have a pair of Kamik fleece-lined boots that were a godsend for January through March of 2011. So warm and waterproof that I got a pair of unlined Kamiks for the rain (which, oddly, were the same shoe size but noticably smaller.)

They were about $70 at DSW and Zappos when I bought them in 2011.

For once I lucked out

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Was at Kendall Sq. around 4:45, waited 2 minutes for train, very unusual 1/3rd empty train pulled in. Got to Park, waited 5 minutes for my D train and by miracle or miracles got a seat. What's described above is not typical. If I hadn't got to Kendall until my usual 5-5:15PM, probably would have run smack into this shitstorm.

Sympathy for the poor souls caught in the mess this evening. Really, why is this tolerated?