T workers help save life of heart-attack victim at Wollaston

When a 24-year-old with a heart condition went into cardiac arrest and collapsed last week, an MBTA worker who knows CPR kept him going until an ambulance could arrive to get him to the hospital.

The T says that Kevin Bossart collapsed, fell down the stairs and struck his head. Station Customer Service Agent Karen Kane rushed to get a co-worker, Tomas Gonzales, who began performing CPR. Gonzales, an MBTA training instructor, doesn't normally work at Wollaston, but was there to help out with issues related to the cold weather.

Bossart's family went to Wollaston today, to thank the T workers:

Quincy Fire responded and transported [Bossart] to Quincy Medical Center and later to Brigham & Women's Hospital, where his father, Bob, says doctors credit the "quality" of the CPR that Inspector Gonzales administered with saving his son's life. Kevin remains in critical condition at and has a long road ahead of him but his family wanted to meet Instructor Gonzales and CSA Karen Kane to thank them for helping their son, who will celebrate his 25th birthday next month.




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For all of the flack that T

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For all of the flack that T employees catch there are some good folks who work for the T. Thanks for this story!

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Nice work peyton

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And just like Peyton you are only as good as your last game or you last broken down train

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Thank you

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A big thank you to the MBTA and their amazing staff for saving our good friend's life. Kevin has made such an impact on so many people (just look at his GoFundMe account!) and we are extremely grateful for everything that has been done to keep him in our lives.

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