Thank God we're a two-newspaper town, Tom Cruise edition

Over at the Globe, Ty Burr loves Tom Cruise's latest movie:

The fact is that this is a pretty good summer-kablooie movie, and Cruise is better than pretty good in it.

Over at the Herald, though, James Verniere couldn't wait to get out of the theater:

“Edge of Tomorrow” is two hours of sci-fi, rewind-repeat eye-agony.



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    And I love reading them both

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    Our most recent date night was to see "Neighbors". Verniere thought it was crass and panned it, while Burr deconstructed it and gave it a good grade. Honestly, they were both right, but that's what we expected.

    Does the Metro become a tiebreaker?


    Metro is put out by an

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    Metro is put out by an international company based in Luxembourg.


    Great pan by James. I can't

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    Great pan by James. I can't wait for just the tv trailer to end myself. Though that Emily Blunt ain't just fishing for salmon...


    Two very good critics

    Verniere is surprisingly scholarly and serious for the Herald. I'd have expected more of a "Joe Bob goes to the drive-in" kind of hire there.



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    As soon as Verniere panned the Spielberg version of War of the Worlds and didn't have a Twitter account so I could yell at him he was officially the "wrong" one.

    Ty Burr consistently says what I think.

    and you can yell at him on Twitter.

    Screw the Herald anyway.