That's a lot of bricks

Old brick street in Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



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    Just a guess.

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    Commercial St. in the North End.

    my guess too.... my first

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    my guess too.... my first thought was this could be anywhere in older boston but the stone lintels with 3-4 stories of non-ornate brickwork really make me think of the waterfront-oriented parts of the north end (commercial, fulton, etc). Maybe this used to be on commercial across from the Golden Goose, where the Ausonia senior housing development now stands--that 70s/80s building retained the pedestrian pathways back to the foot alley, these could be the precursor.

    1920s based on the signs for the cigarettes and the chicken flavored candy (WTF?!?)


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    I'd agree on North End - but with the little alley running through to the back of the building, it reminds me more of Hanover Street, although it does seem a bit of a wide street to be Hanover. I'd agree - 1920's, maybe 1930's.

    Chicken candy? I need a better screen or something - I thought it said Chicken Dinner.

    Two interesting features - no numbers on any of the doors that I can see. Also, one door has a horseshoe hanging on a spike in the brick over it. Also, notice the kid going into/coming out of the basement. Fun little details. The lamp is electric so it probably wouldn't burst into flame.


    Is it frozen

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    Look at the clothes the man is wearing and I think those are icicles on the window all the way on the right. Appears to be winter.

    One more interesting detail - the graffiti.

    Not that any of this gives you a better idea of when/where - but interesting details.


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    5¢" on the left,

    DINN" on the right.

    Those look like pavers actually (if you mean the street)

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    Pavers are made of solid stone - bricks are made of clay or mortar or cement.

    (Often also called setts or cobblestones, although they're technically not cobbles, which are just naturally rounded individual rocks, while pavers are cut from huge slabs of granite into regular rectanglar shapes.)


    Thanks for playing, folks!

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    Thanks for playing, folks! This is 318-322 North Street. The date is December 17, 1930


    Sumner Tunnel

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    It looks like these buildings would come down shortly after this photo was taken for the Sumner Tunnel ventilation building.

    Prince St

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    Maybe across the now DiFillippo Playground?

    Well, maybe not. I was thinking Lafayette Ave could have been that alley, but I've changed my mind. Oh well. :)

    no points for me. ;-)