That's one way to save on the cost of limos

Red Line wedding

Or maybe there's a sentimental reason. Whatever, yes, that's a wedding party on the Red Line. Jason Robert got a snapshot of the lucky couple and their party this afternoon.

He reports they got on at Harvard and were still on the train when he got off at Park Street.

Paul MacMaster wondered:

Maybe Sob Story Guy will offer a toast...for the price of a train ticket to Worcester.




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This past fall …

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I went to a friends' wedding in Brooklyn. It was very fancy (not over-the-top, but black tie—money was no object); several of us mentioned that it was probably the "nicest" wedding we'd ever go to. But it was sort of subway-themed and at the end of the night we repaired to a bar for some late night drinks (because the subway and bars don't close in New York).

And we took the subway, of course. If you get on the subway at midnight on a Saturday night in Brooklyn, with a dozen guys in tuxes, a girl in a wedding dress and a couple others trailing her to keep it from getting dirty (someone asked "what if it gets dirty" and she said "well it's not like I am ever going to wear it again), you'll get cheers from everyone on the train. If we'd snatched a bottle of champagne we probably could have toasted with random strangers, too.

It was a trip. It was great.

Anyway, good on them.

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I did something similar

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I set it up so as many of my guests had T access as possible- we had guests busing/flying/driving in and plenty who lived nearby but car-free, so it just made things easier for all of us.

We have a great picture of my groomsmen in tuxes on a near-empty inbound C train as a result.

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I don't understand what's so strange here.

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I took the T to my wedding.

I'm not sure why this seems so strange to some. I had about 30 people helping me get ready, I live in Cambridgeport, and I got married in Harvard Square. Hiring cars made no sense. It was an early morning wedding, and let me tell you, when a crowd of people in formal dress are on the T at 7.30 a.m., it very much confuses the people who slept there overnight.

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Even in Paris!

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My daughter and I were taking a crowded subway in Paris a couple of years ago in Springtime. At one stop, a beautiful bride and entourage got on. No one seemed to take notice of it or even offer the bride a seat. We ended up wondering if it was some sort of performance art.

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