'Then there was just silence. I just welled up in tears'

Veteran Boston photojournalist Stanley Forman was on the way home from a workday that had started at 3:30 a.m. when he heard a call for somebody trapped on a fourth-floor balcony. He recounts what happened next - including listening to what he said was the worst fire radio call he'd ever heard.



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    shame Forman switched from still to video

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    He had two photographs - the woman and child falling from a collapsed fire escape and Ted Landsmark being speared by the flag - that are iconic. How much of his video gets watched more than once on the evening news? Of course he has to make a living and newspaper photography probably pays jack shit nowadays.

    Ironic coincidences

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    The first responders to his 1975 picture were probably E33/L15 and Ted Landsmark, the man being speared in the second photo, is now president of the Boston Architectural College - located next door to the E33/L15 firehouse.

    I learned of that fire photo when a good friend of mine bought a unit in that building and said when he pulled the ceiling down during renovations it was a bit eerie to see that you could still see the singe marks on some of the rafters.

    One thought has been going through my mind about the connections we all have around here: Boston, big city, small town. Seems like everything around here is about 2 degrees of separation.