They had all their marble

Mystery dirt piles in Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    Just to illustrate the

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    Just to illustrate the changes (and because I seem to have too much time on my hands today) I've made this animated overlay of google map's streetview of the location with the original photo. Enjoy.


    very cool

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    This is very cool!

    In fact...

    By on fact, so cool that we just shared it on twitter and fb. If that's not okay, let us know, and we'll take it down. :)

    West End

    Per Google, the New England Marble & Mosaic was at 36 Chardon St which I assume was in the now long gone West End

    There's More Of Those Solar Clothes Dryers On Some Of The Roofs!

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    This time, all of the dryers have more safety fencing around them than in previous photos we've seen. Maybe that's a key to dating this picture; perhaps after a number of accidents, the City started to require rooftop-mounted solar clothes dryers to have better safety features.

    Question: Is this style of solar-powered/wind-powered clothes dryer still being used on rooftops of buildings similar to these anywhere in Boston today?


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    I'd think with all these 'historic districts' and neighborhood associations would forbid such things. Some condo associations (like my own) have bylaws against clothes lines.

    Which is sad, I love air dry clothes, so much fresher and greener.

    A Few Reasonable Bylaws Might Be OK ...

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    ... such as limiting the amount of time any load of laundry can use a dryer. But prohibiting solar clothes dryers entirely is just stupid; it's an unconscionable waste of money, energy, and other and planetary resources.

    Everyone I know who has a solar clothes dryer loves it; I certainly love mine!

    I think mine...

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    I think mine states (I'd need to look when I go home for the exact wording) that I am not allowed to "hang clothing by string or metal on any exterior wall, porch, or deck"

    Its silly, I agree. Especially with the big green push these days.

    But like A/Cs in windows in BackBay, or No Front facing Satellite Dishes.. its all about ascetics

    Goverment Center

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    My guess is in the area were channel 7 is now near Government Center heading towards the North End

    East Boston

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    I agree with the comment that this is on Orleans Street. The building typology is the same as what is there now on the odd # side of Orleans and the taller building in the distance is 245 Sumner Street, which is known generally as the Cheese Factory ( I don't know the full history) as it is up for redevelopment and the developer has shown historic photos of that tall building.

    Orleans & Gove Streets East

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    Orleans & Gove Streets East Boston,There are still some industrial looking buildings that are still standing, which include The bra factory, gum ball factory, and a large parking lot privately owned by East Boston neighborhood health center and as you can see the three story Brick buildings, most of the three family brick buildings in East Boston are located on Orleans, Frankfurt, Cottage & Lubec streets.and if you notice other parts of Eastie streets have mostly houses made out of wood.

    Factory building

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    I wonder if what you are referring to as the "cheese factory" is what I have heard called "the gumball factory" by old time East Boston residents? I think they were referring to the same building.

    No, the cheese factory and

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    No, the cheese factory and gum ball factory are 2 different buildings, though both on Orleans.