They really want their Glocks: Gun owners, gun sellers, gun-rights groups sue state over Glock ban

Several gun owners, including a Boston resident, a couple of gun stores and two pro-gun groups say a state ban on the sale of more recent Glock models violates their Second Amendment rights and the stores' Fourteenth Amendment rights.

In a suit filed this week in US District Court in Boston against Attorney General Martha Coakley, they argue a state regulation that requires guns with magazines to give users an indication the thing is ready to fire is too vague because it doesn't specify just how the guns should indicate that status and that, in any case, the banned Glock models in fact have the same sort of indicators as approved models from other manufacturers.

The plaintiffs seek an end to the ban and lawyers' fees.

Glock itself is not a party to the suit.



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        Fixing this will mean that

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        Fixing this will mean that gun shops have to stop financially raping MA residents. Old 1st generation Glocks are the only ones to qualify as MA compliant. Shops scour the country buying the old ones up, grossly inflate the price, and resell to legal gun owners who want to carry a reliable brand.

        Keep whining you bunch of babies

        It is such a weird almost fetish culture that the NRA and GOAL have. Always going on about this right, that right. America. Gadsen Flag. Cold dead hands, etc. Great. We understand you have a right to bear arms, now clam up about your gun culture victimhood in our faces.

        Just to let you know we laugh at your tinted window pick up trucks and the accompanying SigSauer, NRA, and "If you don't stand with our troops, please stand in front of them" stickers. You are the saggy jeans teenager coming out of Springfield district court after getting charges dismissed of the culture of suburbia and exurbia. Real people don't need to prove themselves and their guns the way my daughter used to show off her love for Hello Kitty to prove their being.

        Move to Cow Hampshire and have yourself a lead discharge orgy anytime you want. Keep your gun. Sleep with it, Rub it in a gentle way. Just shut up about it to the rest of us.

        regulating guns for safety

        Guns are exempted by Federal law from being subject to federal product safety regulation thanks to the gun lobby--NRA,GOAL.

        Gun manufacturers are exempt under federal law for product liability claims, a law signed by George W Bush, thanks to the gun lobby--NRA, GOAL.

        But state regulation of firearm safety requirements have repeatedly been found to be constitutional, among them bullet in chamber indicator.

        Gun manufacturers got everything they wanted from the federal govt and now they have have 50 states setting requirements they think will make guns safer. They lobby against them and then they challenge them in court. For them,it's all about the Benjamens.

        Let's put a face on the school shooting at Reynolds High


        This group tends to do a

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        This group tends to do a disservice to the sane gun owners.

        How is this group any different from the brookline/newton types that plaster their prius/camry/accord with obama, warren, and coakley stickers? There are passionate/crazy people on all sides of the spectrum.

        NH has one of the lowest

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        NH has one of the lowest murder rates in the USA; I think well-armed VT. has the lowest murder rate. Mass isn't too bad for a more urbanized state.


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        Does have the lowest crime rate in the country. It also has a very high rate of gun owners, probably over 40% vs MA with about 10%.

        What's with all the emotion

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        What's with all the emotion and weird sexual implications. Some of us would just like to see the law clearly stated and evenly applied. Did someone with a gun hurt you at some point?


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        Gee thanks for the reference.. :) No its not the same anymore. Honestly I think NH is very blue and not so much red anymore. Its still a mix but not as defining as it was out.

        I lived in Dover last winter

        ... and Portsmouth in the 90s.

        I still chuckle at the dumbo masshole preconceptions I had then, but the people were nice and took me in, to their everlasting credit.

        They became some of the best friends I ever had.

        Portsmouth is really just an appendage of Boston, cost wise but Dover is still a land of 3brs for 900 bucks a month.

        Get used to it John

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        Hey John, If our "Gun Culture", pickup trucks and bumper stickers are pissing you and your ilk off then we are accomplishing one of our GOALs and having a good time doing it. Get used to it John, we are here to stay and growing by the day..

        Bravo, John Costello! Way to go! Sock it to'em!

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        Thanks for the great, good post that makes great good sense, and contains points that're well-taken, John Costello! It's about time that somebody had the spine to tell those whining gun-lovers off! They need it. I wish that our various lawmakers had as much spine as you have, John. Many more lives would be saved that way, imho!


        I remember when guns were tools for hunting and sport, and treated with the respect due their lethality.

        I also remember when the skill involved in hitting a target with as few rounds as possible was more highly valued than the number of rounds fired in a second.

        Now guns have become phallic fetish totems for waving around. Rock out with your Glock out.

        So interesting to see the blinders fall from the eyes of some of my conservative high school classmates, who also grew up with guns (like we all did), and who also had kids at Reynolds High this week when the bullets went flying. They can't make the usual tropes about psych medications, no God in the family, etc.

        More weird sexual stuff.

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        More weird sexual stuff. Unless you are more then about 60 there is absolutely no difference between the guns of today and your youth, and the level of violence is actually lower today. Stop watching to much tv.


        there is absolutely no difference between the guns of today and your youth

        Pure, unadulterated bullshit.

        Yes, there were high powered weapons around - WE SHOT THEM IN THE MILITARY. They weren't the fetish totems that they are today.

        I had shotguns and rifles in my house. Not a Glock or a Bushmaster. Only one person I know had one of those around - the Secret Service Agent father who had one as a tool of his trade.

        THAT my friend IS THE DIFFERENCE!


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        Obviously dont know shit about guns.

        Ever hear of a MAC-10, Mossburg, AR, M21, Uzi.

        I don't think Swirly, like

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        I don't think Swirly, like most of the media, knows what "high powered weapons" actually are. Did you know that an AR-15 is actually less "high powered" than just about any hunting rifle (unless it's for hunting small game or varmints)? Did you know that the bolt action rifles used in WW1 are more "high powered" than the AR? Depending on how you define "high powered," my Springfield trapdoor rifle made in 1878 is more "high powered" than the AR.

        Cool what do any of these

        Cool what do any of these personal vendetta diatribe copypastes have to do with the topic of the regulation of certain Glock models?


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        Yes, i always carry a sidearm when hunting. Would you shoot a charging bear with a single shot rifle?



        Go wave your prosthetic dick around in the mirror at home. Leave civilized society out of it. Maybe the next school shooting will involve your kids or the kids of your friends. Maybe you'll realize how this didn't happen when you were in high school despite everybody having weapons in the home, and you will have to ask yourself some tough questions about our culture of paranoid insanity and fetishism.

        Glocks and Bushmasters are exhibit A in "gun is not a tool but a fetish item waved at others to make one a bigman".

        I have friends and relatives with kids at Reynolds High school and my uncle and grandmother used to work there. I also have friends with kids at Seattle Pacific who witnessed the carnage.

        I don't fucking want to hear "copy paste!!!!" from mouthfoaming, gun worshipping fools like you - who sound amazingly like the people I know and care about did a couple of shootings ago. That was before it was THEIR kids in the line of fire. Before a kid from a family they know, a family much like their own, started shooting.

        I don't own a gun, and haven

        I don't own a gun, and haven't since I left a job that required carrying one. I'm sick of seeing the same HURR SMALL PENIS DEATH MACHINE FELATOR NRA WORSHIPER garbage every single time guns come up anywhere. It's annoying, and more importantly for a adds NOTHING WHATSOEVER to discussion or discourse.

        OK then. Give us a legitimate reason

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        to justify an average person living in an urban area to carry a gun like a Glock. And just stating "It's my right because an outdated and grossly misinterperted provision in a document created over 200 years ago" doesn't count.

        I don't know. I don't have

        I don't know. I don't have any stance since it's an issue not relevant to me, I would, however like to see rational discussion without hyperbole.

        Watch what you say about the relevancy of the Constitution though.

        Several reasons

        Abortion doctors
        Doctors who carry pharmaceuticals
        Undercover officers
        Agents of government branches
        Business owners making large bank deposits
        Citizens who are at a high risk of being critically injured

        I'd say these groups have a mix of "average people".

        Just a small sampling. Keep in mind, any resident of Boston who does carry a firearm is required to pass a safety test. This is part of the process when applying for a license in the City of Boston. Fail the safety test and you get no license to carry. Score poorly on the accuracy test and you also get no license to carry.

        Only hardened, violent criminals carry Glocks, imho.

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        It's sickening how our society and culture at large is so totally dependent on the gun, and revolves around it. Our society's gun-happiness and gun-dependence has finally come home to roost, and we're now seeing the net results, on the streets of many of our poorest urban areas, and now many more mass-shootings like VA Tech, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and others. It's rather sad, imho.

        That young man's name in Portland

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        who murdered a fellow student and injured a teacher was Jared Michael Padgett. He obviously did indeed have severe mental health issues, and came from a broken family. His father had custody and his mom basically abandoned her kids. It now appears Padgett was also genuinely bullied and had a hard time in his first year of high school. There's a lot more to that tragedy than meets the eye. And yes, he probably was on powerful drugs for anxiety and depression, drugs that well known for having horrible side effects, especially in children and young adults.

        This may be news to people

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        This may be news to people that have never owned or handled guns, but the first rule of handling any gun is to ALWAYS assume that it is loaded EVEN IF someone tells you that it isn't. Both common sense and the mandated gun licence classes also emphasize this over and over again.

        PLUS guns are required to be locked up, so the only time a gun is being legally handled is by the owner (or in the presence of the owner) of the gun who should be treating it as if it is loaded unless the slide is locked back.

        In the instance that someone who is unfamiliar or untrained around guns comes across one, it's not as though they should be touching or handling it and trying to figure out if it's loaded anyways. Call 911 and let the police handle/inspect it.

        Possible reason?

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        Maybe the idea is to remove the old "I didn't know it was loaded/ready to fire" excuse in an "accidental" shooting.


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        when a regular run-of-the mill handgun will not do.

        Growing up in NH we didn't

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        Growing up in NH we didn't have guns in the home. We were perfectly fine without them. Some of my friends' parents had guns in the house, but they weren't gun nuts. I feel bad for this generation of kids raised by gun nut parents... they're so angry and paranoid that someone is going to take their guns away from them. Sad way to grow up. Times have changed!

        It's not paranoia if the ARE

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        It's not paranoia if the ARE out to take your guns away. Do u not see what gets proposed in legislatures around the country, what happened in CT and NY?

        Yup....Mass: the state of

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        Yup....Mass: the state of tolerance and happiness so long as you follow the party line, don't worry, I'll be gone soon

        Good Bleeping riddance

        don't worry, I'll be gone soon

        Not worrying, but I'll be happy to see yet another self-righteous whinger go the heck away.

        I wonder if the folks who keep complaining (about the "party line", for pete's sake) have even bothered to apply for a gun permit.

        Some of us are quite happy to have our police department preventing the mentally ill neighbor from buying a firearm.


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        coming from a guy not originally from this state.

        What happened in CT? You mean

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        What happened in CT? You mean Adam Lanza, known to be mentally disturbed by all, had easy access to his law-abiding NH born and raised mother's arsenal of deadly weapons and was therefore enabled to slaughter all of those innocent children, teachers and even his own mother who bought the guns to protect herself? ...but your biggest concern is proposed legislation aimed at preventing such tragedies. Law abiding adults week after week, year after year FAIL to properly secure their guns and innocent people die. Your priorities are out of whack.

        The other two great things about these gun threads are

        ..the virtuoso and impressively impassioned scoldings they wrest from Swirls about why us non gun people can't stand the things as promoted by NRA minions.

        It's really some of her best stuff and a true community service.


        That wonderful wooden way the NRA minions always fall back on their usual tech drivel and pseudo sociology as if any of it will move us a a millimeter, let alone 9.

        Gun nuts hate the Second Amendment

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        Here we go again. Gun nuts, empowered by the extreme right wing Supreme Court hate the Second Amendment, especially the part that says "well regulated militia".

        What next, Glock fans, handheld rocket launchers with nuclear warheads?

        Hyperbole.... U sound like

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        Hyperbole.... U sound like those people that think allowing gay marriage means in ten years the government is gonna force your kid to be gay.

        bon strikes me as an ignorant person

        Scalia Suggests ‘Hand-Held Rocket Launchers’ Are Protected Under Second Amendment :

        This morning on Fox News Sunday, Justice Antonin Scalia reiterated just how extremely his Constitutional originalism can be applied. Referring to the recent shooting in Aurora, CO, host Chris Wallace asked the Supreme Court Justice about gun control, and whether the Second Amendment allows for any limitations to gun rights. .. According to his originalism, if a weapon can be hand-held, though, it probably still falls under the right to “bear arms”

        Scalia's understanding of the phrase "bear arms" is ahistorical.

        Stop Bitching..Do you Care?

        I don't want some desperate asshole needing a fix, or a gang banger bent on revenge holding any type Glock gun. Legal gun owners....stop bitching..stop being self centered about your rights!
        Don't you care about the murders and crimes committed with these weapons?

        Fear? Part of a Group?

        Gun owners suing...They want to amass as many weapons as possible. no restrictions. to sell them illegally making big$$?
        To be a part of the group that wants to overthrow the Govt. they hate and fear? are they part of the hate groups that want to exterminate all non-aryian people?

        Why so much uproar about Gun laws and restrictions?

        glocks aren't special

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        There are a couple things people are repeating in this thread that indicates some confusion about this lawsuit. Firstly, the lawsuit is not about removing the requirement for a loaded chamber indicator -- they just want the requirement to be explicitly stated and applied consistently, which the current one is not.

        Secondly, there is nothing special about a Glock. It has a lot of name recognition, and apparently in some circles that recognition is very negative. It is no more dangerous than any other handgun of the same caliber. It doesn't carry more ammo than most handguns of the same caliber. It is functionally identical to every other semi-auto handgun on the market, including hundreds that are legal in MA already. It has a reputation for reliability, hence why people who want to carry guns often want to carry a Glock.

        Those of you who decry anyone wanting to own a Glock are coming across as very ignorant of what it is you want to ban. If it has no distinguishing features from any other semi-auto, then either your desire to ban it is based on emotion instead of some actual concern, or you're making a sneaky argument to ban all ownership of semi-auto handguns. You're free to make that argument, and of course I'll disagree, but please realize what it is you're talking about and say what you truly mean.

        I skimmed through all of the

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        I skimmed through all of the comments trying to find a post by someone saying this, and here I finally find it, at the bottom of the thread.

        Now now, don't bring

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        Now now, don't bring rationality into the mouth foaming, can't have that! It's cathartic don't you know?

        Though I'd love to hear the defenders of this legislation explain what the differences between a Glock 17 and a Colt 1911 (guess what year it was released in?) are that make the former unsuitable for private citizens while the latter has been around since before most anyone on this blog.

        Then they could explain how the Second Amendment is limited by "A well regulated militia" but the First Amendment is not likewise limited by "Congress shall pass no law..." I guess "The People" who can peacefully assemble and petition government are the courts? In either case, why do we need to guarantee the rights of government, do citizens routinely violate them?

        Guns aren't a new thing, and I have no reason to suspect mental illness is. So what's different now?


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        There motto is "perfection " they shoot wonderful and are used by most Law enforcement agencies, they are lightweight and will accept any glock magazine, including 50 round, very few citizens really need one but they are the best, so if you have a gun why not get the most reliable pistol out there, google some YouTube videos, don't criticize till you try firing one