They're gonna need a bigger truck

The aptly named Summit Avenue, which runs from Brighton into Brookline, is currently shut. A car slid on the Brighton side, blocking the road. A tow truck called in to remove the car also slid on the Brighton side, blocking the road even more. A new tow truck has been summoned.



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I always wonder why this doesn't occur more often. Even on a dry and warm summer's day that hill is daunting. Which is worse in the icy sleet though, Summit by Kelton, or Parker Hill Ave by Huntington where that fire truck crashed?

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Urban Mountains

As someone who lived has lived on both on Mission Hill (Calumet Street) and Summit Avenue (the Brookline side, near the bottom at Beacon, thankfully!), I think it's a draw. :-)

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Brookline's Summit Avenue really is a horrible street,

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at any time of the year, no matter which way anybody looks at it. I've driven up Summit Avenue and down the other side, in the good weather when there is no snow/ice on the ground, with a good bit of trepidation. The only thing to do, even in good weather, when driving up and/or down such a steep hill is to shift your car into the very lowest gear, to eliminate strain on the engine and fuel pump, and if one needs to drive down the other side of Summit Avenue, to also keep one's car in the lowest gear so that the engine will act as a brake for you and you'll have better control, in either case.

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