Time to strap those roller skates on

DONNA SUMMER - last dance (1978)

The city Office of Arts and Culture is throwing a Donna Summer roller-skating bash on City Hall Plaza Friday evening.

The Donna Summer Memorial Roller Disco Tribute Party, which pays tribute to the Dorchester disco diva, starts at 6 p.m. Skateless? Don't worry - there'll be a dance floor set up to bust a move on.



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So people are supposed to be

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So people are supposed to be roller skating over super uneven brick... interesting. What could possibly go wrong?

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Like the sound of this, but...

You're gonna bust a move AND your head if you have to skate over those bricks. Please tell me that the city is putting down some kind of skate-worthy surface over the bricks.

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They are

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Dance Spot is installing a skate-worthy, dance-worthy floor surface.

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I wanna go

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But I'll already be in the biggest gay place on earth on Friday.. Ptown.

But seriously.. dancing on brick. Reminds me of a rave I went to a long time ago at Great Woods (yes it was called Great Woods still). Dancing in a tent on the pavement. My ankles never hurt so much after that, especially after dancing to hard trance all night.

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Concrete not brick

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FWIW: There is a large slab on concrete at City Hall which made the perfect surface for an impromptu roller rink! We'll do it again next year, promise :)

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