Tobin down to two lanes starting tonight

And it'll stay that way through the fall as painters continue repainting the bridge, MassDOT advises.



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        MassDOT is vague

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        From the MassDOT site:

        As a result of the work, the travel lanes on the Tobin Bridge will be reduced to two lanes through the work site.


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        Its vague because it does effect both inbound and outbound traffic since the painting of the bridge isn't inbound/outbound dependent, its more location on the bridge dependent since both stories are being done at the same time. They also aren't painting the bridge from one side to the other, they started in the center and worked their way out. But it looks this year the extreme Charlestown and Chelsea sides & ramps will be done as the final step to complete the work.

        Regardless, it's going to be a sucky commute all summer over the bridge. Thank gosh this is the last year.

        Same question

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        The DOT press release doesn't say northbound or southbound or both.


        There were no lane restrictions today. Unless it was northbound only. Maybe southbound will be set up over the coming weekend.

        Into the Fall?

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        They're "painting the bridge" into the Fall? That's 5 months!

        What are they painting, a mural? I don't think the Sistine Chapel took that long!

        Less about paint

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        It's less about paint, its more about removing the 1950s lead-ridden paint off the bridge before they can repaint it. This requires proper clean up and disposal. Plus trying to keep the bridge open during painting always extends the time period.