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    The state is shut down, courts across the state are closed, but Mayor Walsh insisted all city employees report to work. Roads aren't plowed, sidewalks aren't shoveled, but city workers (and associated agencies not necessarily funded by the city, but otherwise beholden to the city) had to find someone to take care of their child (did I mention our day care was also closed due to weather? and they NEVER close) and either drive or slog through snow to public transportation to get to work why?

    Who's going to city hall today? Why does the Mayor not have to follow the governor's recommendation that people stay home?

    Oh no!

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    I need to get more bread!

    I actually prepared for French Toast

    No kidding. While shopping last night, I saw some cinnamon raisin bread and grabbed it for making my wife French toast this morning, assuming we would have a delayed start. She ended up having to go in early and I never got to make it.....I'll use the bread this weekend.

    BTW, gorgeous snow out here in the boonies, nice and dry and quite a lot of it, still coming down hard.

    breathe in, breathe out.

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    It cracks me up that some people panic over a few inches of snow and hoard food. How odd. And, why french toast specifically? This definitely is not a New England tradition. Toughen up a little! Sheeeh.

    Lighten up, Francis

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    It's a joke. What do people, even in New England, do when a snow storm approaches? They rush out to buy milk, eggs and bread. What do you do with milk, eggs and bread?


    It's a sad, sad joke, imho.

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    It's kind of sad that people go into a panic, rush to the stores for bread, eggs and milk right before a storm, and buy out the whole store. I always make sure I have food in my house, by doing my shopping in small dribbles, so that I won't have to be among the lizard-brains who rush out at the last minute, buy out the whole store, and form long lines, and I'm better off for it.

    Must be nice

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    To have the time to do your shopping in dribbles. And to have places to store the food.