Today's news of note

Just so much news happening on this sunny first day of April. Some highlights:

Sources: Wellesley commissions more near-naked Sleepwalker statues.

Boston to Phase Out Studio Apartments, Beginning This Spring.

Boston Celtics To Hold Open Tryout at Suffolk.

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      April Fools Day joke?

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      April Fools Day joke?
      Baby chicks need warmth, there's no way (I don't think) it would survive in the cooler.
      That being said, funny joke - great joke, but not good for business for Stop and Shop.


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      Its a joke and a fake picture.

      Unless there's a rogue rooster around at the farm, eggs coming out of hens will always be duds (aka just eggs, not baby chicken eggs). Most chicken farmers keep roosters as far away from the hens as possible to prevent fertilization. (usually in separate coop, if they have any at all, most don't)

      Also, this egg would have not even left the facility as all eggs are checked for embryos before they leave (either its done with lasers or light or something.. we used to use a bright light back in the day). They are checked, and then re-checked because no one wants a half dead bird inside when they go to make a cake! (mega lawsuit because it just isn't sanitary)

      (And I should I know, I raised chickens for 4 years as a project for 4-H)

      Stop and Shop

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      handbaskets are purple, not black.

      It's a clever April Fool's prank, though.

      Don't worry

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      No chicks were harmed in the making of that photo.


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      I'm not sure of the spelling.But I've been looking for a place to buy good bailout.

      Clearly ...

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      ... a prank. Prankster found a baby turkey and switched in the chick instead.