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BLS accounts for what

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4% of high schoolers? While 50% of BPD graduates read on a 4th grade level. Progress!


Maybe the BPD academy could institute remedial reading courses for the recruits.

Why not have some stats

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2013 MCAS Results, English Language Arts, 10th Grade-

79% Advanced/Proficient
17% Needs Improvement
4% Warning/Fail

So, unless the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which, according to the article Adam cites is the tops in the nation, tests their 10th graders on below a 4th grade level, the "stats" cited by anon were most likely obtained after a bowel movement.

Check out the various test scores in Deep South and Appalachia

You can't say that BPS sucks until you have encountered people who have been thoroughly cheated of the most basic functional skills.

Also note that the difference between the 25th percentile and 75th percentile in MA is relatively low and the cross-state differences for some grades are "=" - meaning the difference between the highest and lowest scoring schools isn't all that much, and the overall mean is high.


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I worked with inner city BPS kids, and now I work with a solid cross section of high, middle, and low-income suburban kids in the Bay Area of California.

The inner city BPS kids uttertly trounce the ability of the Bay Area kids. The only kids out here that can function at a level of the BPS kids are the ones whose parents (quite wisely) shell out for private school or the local equivalents of Lexington or Wellesley.

For example, I routinely used to teach a skill that required a basic idea of the concept of symmetry. The BPS kids usually had it down pat by 3rd grade, though most had heard of it in 1st or 2nd. When I taught it out here, not a single 5th grader had heard of the concept. And that's just one out of many examples. It's terrifying.

How low is acceptable to you?

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If you actually think the BPS's are providing a good education to our children, it shows how low your standards are.


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It shows how low everyone else's standards are, when our "worst" schools are better than some people's "best."

Why don't you post statistics

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Why don't you post statistics and sources to debunk the claims. You always demand evidence and never lead off with your own.

Let me guess

You have deficits of reading comprehension - so, of course, you blame schools rathern than, perhaps, your own intellectual laziness?