That touchy-feely stuff might fly somewhere else, but not in Boston's strip clubs, nuh uh

A stripper new to Boston got herself and Centerfolds on Lagrange Street in trouble when she gave a customer an intimate neck rub - just as Boston Police detectives were conducting a surprise inspection.

Det. William Gallagher told the Boston Licensing Board this morning he had just gotten to the club's third-floor Champagne Room - where customers can pay for more personalized attention - around 12:35 a.m. on May 19, when he saw a "substantially unclothed" employee blatantly violate city ordinances that require a minimum two-foot separation at all times between strip-club workers en deshabille and customers:

"She stood up on the sofa, and her legs were straddling his shoulders as she massaged his neck," he said.

A club manager acknowledged the incident. He said the dancer was young and new to Boston and that she somehow had simply missed the message at the nightly meetings the club holds that such things simply are not done in Boston, even if they are perfectly fine in other parts of the country. "She was just trying to make the situation comfortable" for the customer, he said. Still, she was suspended, he added.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take.



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    Heh, but actually, no

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    Either that, or Centerfolds just runs a very tight ship. The Glass Slipper is far more likely to show up on the licensing-board agenda.

    Uh huh

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    "She stood up on the sofa, and her legs were straddling his shoulders as she massaged his neck," he said.

    "Ok, Detective, and then what did she do to you?"


    you ever see those that patronize strip clubs? Its like prison with flashing lights and naked bimbo's.

    You think the cops care?

    They are assigned. Some officers are assigned to evidence rooms, how much should they make?

    If You make a law that says crappy trivia games are illegal, they will assign more officers to the Allston Brighton area.

    Change the laws, and you won't have anything or anyone to enforce them.

    Assigned by whom?

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    Who makes the assignments? Higher levels of police and administration. Are all laws enforced? Heck no. When the pit bull law concerning muzzles was in effect many police did not enforce it. Do all police enforce all traffic laws? From what I've witnessed the answer is no.

    Implying that all laws are enforced and to expect police to not enforce a law requires changing the law is disingenuous. There are not enough police to enforce all laws that they might be called upon to enforce. Enforcement is selective because resources are limited.

    So the fact that any police officer is in a strip club is due to the officer's superiors deciding they want to enforce laws concerning hanky panky. I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed? The stripper for being naughty or the police for wasting time and money that could be spent dealing with crimes, not naughtiness.

    Not exactly

    City and state bylaws dictate which laws are enforced by whom. You could easily have the Health department enforce these rules, and trust me when I tell you that strip clubs have a lot of drugs, drug dealing, prostitution, and all the other stuff that comes with it (guns, extortion, money laundering, etc). Why do you think those cops don't enforce the pit bull laws? Because they aren't being pressured to by the public, policiticans, etc. Now you won't see a whole lot of complaining about who can touch who at strip clubs with those who aren't familiar with them (or from those who would rather have skin to skin contact), but there is pressure to enforce these regulations from many outside and inside sources.

    In Providence girls go around and grab your package right in the open, hoping for cash at a lap dance, and possibly drugs and some more money for a BJ later on. By not letting that happen in Boston, you decrease the chances of those "serious crimes" you spoke about above from happening.


    Yea I had to throw that one in there!

    and who's the victim of this

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    and who's the victim of this crime? The puritan sensibilities of the town's remaining Brahmins and strictly practicing Catholics?

    I don't want my city to

    I don't want my city to contain a brothel in 2014. I hate to use the slippery slope argument but laxing laws like this can lead to greater violations. Unless you're one of those "legalize everything because all laws are racist and sexist" that thinks prostitution is a noble and safe profession for young women

    What world do you live in

    What world do you live in where only "puritans" are against prostitution. Sure it may be the only way you've ever felt a woman's touch but most people find it gross and demeaning.

    Oh thank god that you're the

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    Oh thank god that you're the arbiter on what is gross and demeaning. You must be a lot of fun at parties.


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    First a lap dance, then the next thing you know, it's total anarchy. Stop the slippery slope! Maybe we should ban ALL dancing? As well as alcohol, aka, the devils drink.

    All completely unrelated.

    All completely unrelated. Strip clubs are constant scrutiny and these rules need to be enforced to prevent exploitation.

    You want to change the law?

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    Change the law! The thing is, it is a state law.

    Of course, you might be surprised there are more than just "the town's remaining Brahmins and strictly practicing Catholics" who you would be going up against, but good luck to you with that.

    Since the law is in the book, and the city sees a reason to enforce it (see Pete Nice's comments), there you go.

    Glad to hear the police were

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    Glad to hear the police were able to intervene before someone in Boston was able to have a fun time.

    Misplace enforcement priorities

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    The police get to regulate two different industries: hoochy coochy girls and taxis. Detectives frequently visit strip clubs (professional reasons only of course) while the taxi industry went with nearly no enforcement of laws. The priorities seem a bit askewed.

    Perhaps if there were bus size taxis that had Playboy Bunny types then the police would have a reason to ride the vehicles they are supposed to enforce.

    I do wonder whether any female detectives are assigned strip club duties? Perhaps to be sure that the visits are purely professional the police should be sure to only send straight female or gay male detectives.