Track is whack, riders want time back

Yesterday it was an Amtrak train going where it had no business going. Today, weary, hot, grime-covered South Station commuters have issues due to "track problem."




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    Heat problems perhaps

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    Remember that delays due to heat problems was one of the excuses stock reasons MBCR used to try and explain away every Worcester Line issue that happened on a warm and sunny day. However, since the state assured us those problems would go away for good once CSX left town (it was CSX policy to restrict speed in heat, not MBCR's), they obviously can't use it as a reason any longer.

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    Crammed platforms

    My Orange Line train went past Ruggles and I saw the platform unusually crowded, and then the same thing at Back Bay and I knew something must have been up. Checked Twitter and saw a picture of South Station completely jammed over capacity.

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    Part of the issue may have

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    Part of the issue may have been caused by the 5pm Providence out if S Station - we were held at back bay almost 25 minutes for transit police due to drunk male who insisted it was the stoughton train. When informed otherwise, he decided to resist conductors and lay down across vestibule. He was then taken away by police via headlock.

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