Tractor-trailer crash on 128 causes problems for commuters in both cars and trains

Truck that was on Fitchburg Line tracks.

After pieces of the truck cleared, Fitchburg Line passengers look on. Photo by Finn.

Happened on 128 at Rte. 20, backing up 128 southbound and halting inbound service on the Fitchburg Line, since part of the truck seemed to have landed on the tracks, only it didn't.



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    Sounds like it was just precautionary

    I think the initial report was that it was near the tracks or by the tracks, but nothing was ever actually on the tracks. Once they realized it was clear, they proceeded slowly.

    When my train went by at ~8

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    When my train went by at ~8:30 am, there were emergency workers standing on the other track. Good reason to keep trains slow going through there...

    Reasons for delay

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    The chronological list of reasons the T alerts gave for delays on the South Acton Line:

    • truck on tracks in Weston on tracks (sic)
    • autos impeding service
    • fire department activity
    • speed restriction
    • crossing malfunction

    Good times on the Fitchburg train!