State Street fills with smoke, riders cough and choke

State Street station filling with smoke

At 5:10 p.m., Lauren Finkelstein reported from the outbound side of State Street:

Smoke filling the cars/station on the orange line at state st stop. Everyone being evacuated.

A minute later, the T sent out an alert about "minor" delays due to what it says is a disabled train at State.

Pesky brakes?



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The T needs to switch to E-cigarettes.

Haymarket was smokey too..

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I usually board at State, but when I saw a 9 minute headway going southbound (but "operating normally" per my app(?!)), I went to Haymarket. Soon after I got there, a northbound train went through on the other side without stopping, tooting its horn, and as the southbound train pulled in a minute later, the platform began to fill with smoke.

So when's OSHA going to shut

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So when's OSHA going to shut down the MBTA for dosing customers and employees with hazardous levels of lead, asbestos, and other nasty particulates from all the tunnel and vehicle fire?

I'm shocked that the MBTA has never been forced to vacuum all the toxic crap out of the tunnels as part of regular maintenance.

Probably because people don't

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Probably because people don't want the T to do all the nice little extras (maintenance, clean up, etc). They want the T to run more hours.

Not OSHA turf

Sadly, OSHA can't do anything here. They don't have any power regarding public employees or environmental issues.

The EPA Region 1 office used to sit atop Haymarket ... now it has moved to the federal building in Post Office Square. They might be interested.

They would probably refer you to the various state agencies, however.

T not great about passing

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T not great about passing along info. Sat between stations on packed redline train that filled with smoke. Passengers were panicking. No announcement of any kind. I banged on the conductors door and he said a "minor fire up ahead." He didn't even have courtesy to come out of his box just yelled it through the closed door. WTF is going on with the state of our public transit?