Trains at Broadway, Quincy taken out and shot; riders groan that that happens a lot

Red Line at Broadway in South Boston

Red Line at Broadway around 9 a.m. Inbound, of course.

Not one, but two Red Line trains groaned and left this plane of existence this morning.

Matt Laskowski captured the scene at Broadway around 9 a.m., reports:

Had to unload train, nearly 30 minutes waiting so far. Scrambling T workers. Doors were closing on passengers as they were exiting over and over.

Earlier, around 7:20 a.m., another inbound (natch) train pushed up some daisies at Quincy Center around 7:20 a.m., leading to scenes like this.



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breaking news?

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stop the presses! someone has a photo of a train platform crowded at rush hour!! you never see that in any other city!!

Yeah, how old is that car by

Yeah, how old is that car by now? Even the cars that were still a little new when I moved to Boston (lo, 15+ years ago) are getting pretty old by now.

Sorry dude, didn't mean to

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Sorry dude, didn't mean to offend by sending this to Adam.just figured some people might have been curious what the hold up was tbis morning or are interested in transit news. The red line has been pretty unreliable lately, though. Seems like almost every other morning this happens.

For what it's worth

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That comment was for the Quincy link. That was initially the only Red Line delay I wrote about - until I started hearing about the train you were on/off of.

Besides giving me a chance to try to figure out a new rhyme, I am interested in trains that fail because it shows the state of the T today - a system that mostly works, but has some pretty bad failures due to lots of deferred maintenance, something that's not going to be fixed on the Red and Orange lines until at least 2019.

That happens when the state is run

By on Bain Capital for 20 years.

These people never understand that running stuff into the ground to squeeze every last particle of utility from it only works in 3rd world sweat shops.

I lucked out. Hit Central in Cambridge, a bit before 9am....heard the forlorn messages and hoped it would be further down line than Downtown.

Evidently it was.

My favorite part of T choke is the inaudible garbled crap that seeps from what passes for an intercom.

as someone on that platform

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as someone on that platform who knew how much this stunk this morning, don't feel bad. I was happy to see this got posted :)

Or cold. Or rains. Or it's

Or cold. Or rains. Or it's cloudy.

But, I know what you're saying. The T can't deal with any temperature extremes. It's always a given that the first really cold or really hot day in a season means that there's going to be transit woes.


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when you consider the terrible winter we just had, I think the T fared pretty darn well. I encountered very few major delays since December