Trains belch smoke; riders choke

Hynes is being evacuated due to a smoking train.

This comes an hour or so after an inbound Red Line train breathed its last at Broadway, creating what the T acknowledged were "severe" delays.



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No smoking on the T!

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MBTA alert:

Green Line D branch experiencing minor westbound delays due to disabled train at Hynes Station.

Wouldn't this kind of breakdown affect all westbound B, C, and D branch trains? And eventually cascading to the E if they cannot clear it.

No, burning brakes generate a

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No, burning brakes generate a lot of smoke but it doesn't take long to clear. Unload the car, unwind and cut the brakes on the truck (wheel set) in question, put the car on brake by-pass, move the train. Turn on the emergency fans to clear the smoke. The delay would be longer on the D line because it becomes a dropped D-line trip and the next D line train will be slowed down by a double load.

The train was so crowded

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The train was so crowded around 5:45pm a young woman was yelling at an older man (60s, white hair) that he was too close and to stop bumping into her from Kendall -> Central. The entire train was squished together so everyone's coats were touching so I don't know if he was actually doing something or she was overreacting. Either way, as the doors opened (she was against the door) at Central she turned around and punched him in the face then ran off the train before anyone could react.

Huh, sounds like what happened today

A college-aged woman with a rotten attitude berated some older man because he didn't get out of her way when she went to get out of her seat to get off at Longwood. First of all, the train JUST stopped, second of all, he WAS trying to get out of the way but he was waiting for others around him to clear out still. But she just went off and continued yapping that he was in her way, blocking her path, blah, blah, blah. I wish she tripped down the stairs onto her face on the way out of the train and then had someone yell at her that she was in the way.

T Etiquette

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That may have been a bit of an over reaction, but there is a constant problem on all of the train lines and perhaps the green line most of all because it is so perpetually crowded. People who stand in doors that people need to get in and out of. I'm not talking about when the train is so crowded nobody can move and it's packed to the rafters. There are so many people who, despite plenty of room to move in and not block the doors, insist on standing there and not even moving when someone else needs to use the door. I have seen people literally have to smash into them like a linebacker just to board or leave the train car at their stop.

Kendall Ⓣ Station Dangerously Overcrowded - Walking Was Faster

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Both platforms at the Kendall Ⓣ Station were packed with people when I got there this evening. The train arrival sign said "1 Minute", but I waited for fifteen minutes and it didn't change. At that point the station seemed dangerously crowded, so I gave up and walked across the Longfellow Bridge to catch the Blue Line at Bowdoin. I didn't see any Red Line trains crossing over the bridge, so today, walking was definitely the faster option!

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Pardon my French but..

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The T is a fucking disaster. The platforms at DTX were so crowded you couldn't even move.

And people talk about having the Olympics here. What a joke.

This Red Line pattern has

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This Red Line pattern has just gotta be way way way worse than usual. There has been a disabled train on each side of the daily commute, morning and evening, pretty much every day for the past, what, several weeks? Disgraceful!

Next stop, Park Street

So. When are we all going to angrily march up Beacon Hill, crowd the statehouse, and not leave until they agree to fix the mess?

It is an option - there just needs to be some sort of signal to get us all up there at once.

T service

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I have been reading this site's reports on the daily, multiple subway breakdowns. It's unbelievable! I take the T off hours and have not had problems. The routine rush hour breakdowns are ridiculous. Why doesn't every media outlet know about all of these breakdowns and delays and get on their case?

old equipment

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don't blame the T nor the Governor. they begged the legislature to properly fund public transit, and they refused. most legislators still think we live in a world where the automobile comes first.


I didn't see anyone begging, especially not the governor. He'd make an appearance and give an empty, "invest in transportation" once in a while. The only person I saw truly pushing for new equipment was Richard Davey when he was head of the MBTA, prior to moving up to Secretary of Transportation. Beverly Scott made some statements on the matter of old equipment, but I didn't see any begging on anyone's part at all. Especially no direct interaction with legislators.

Everyone likes to talk, but which department heads are actually talking to the law-makers directly? Does this happen? Do I just not see it happening?

woman on green line C train at Kenmore outbound

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SLAMMED into me as I attempted to squeeze by her and others to get from the middle to back of the train, where there was room. And yes, I said excuse me at least a half dozen times as I slipped through the crowd. I had a clear view of both the women and who appeared to be her BF for the next 10 minutes or so, she appeared furious, he looked like he was trying to calm her down. It didn't help matters that both individuals were 'big'. This kind of crap is getting ridiculous. People have to be made to pay more attention to their surroundings, and to use commonsense. Another pet peeve on the MBTA is people who have stuffed backpacks on crowded trains who refuse to carry them in their hand, the people who SLOWLY get on and off crowded trains causing huge back ups [I'm not of course referring to elderly or disabled folks] , people who try to get on PACKED rush hour trains with baby carriages [!], people reading twitter updates on their phone while slowly exiting crowded trains, blocking those also trying to get off and on, people loudly talking about their private life to others or on phones, yeah you get the picture.