Trains dropping like flies - frozen flies

Packed Sullivan Station on the MBTA's Orange Line

In 30 minutes, 3 trains came into Sullivan too packed to let any riders on. Photo by Jared May.

UPDATE: The Blue Line joined the party shortly before 10 a.m., when a train ascended to Valhalla at Wonderland.

Dead inbound train at Quincy Center would be harshing the mellow of Red Line commuters this morning if they weren't busy concentrating on staying warm. An Orange Line train could only make it to Back Bay before departing this mortal coil, but riders from the north also got to enjoy today's frosty climes. A dead trolley somewhere past Kenmore is causing ish on the Green Line.

An inbound train on the Franklin Line decided Norfolk was too good a stop to pass up. Erich Haberman reports from the train behind that one:

7am at Norfolk now. Train's lights/air are off and we appear to be ramming the disabled train while attempting a rescue.

Meanwhile, at South Station, somebody got stuck in an elevator between the Red and Silver lines.



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Miserably Bad Transit Again

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I try not to fret over "first world problems", but I can't even deal with the T anymore. I pay $70/month to end up having to drive in to pay for expensive parking for the day. I am just thankful I had the option of getting back into my warm car this morning at North Quincy. It broke my heart to see those poor commuters standing 5-deep from the edge, waiting endlessly in the -9 degree windchill. When it is dangerously frigid out, at the very least, send shuttle buses!!! It's just not right. This happens more days than not on the Red and Green Lines.

Why is no one making any changes? And why are they wasting time and money on things like the Safety Dance ("Just bounce!") video as theft and violence continue to occur on a regular basis (where are all the transit police?).

Come on Boston, DO SOMETHING for your T commuters!

It's not so easy to send

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It's not so easy to send shuttle buses. Especially at rush hour, when trains would be packed, buses are all busy on their regular routes, and there's heavy traffic.

They had been using multiple

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They had been using multiple MBTA buses to shuttle commuters from Wood Island to Airport one day when the Blue Line was messed up. I know it isn't easy, but they need to figure something out since these issues happen all week long (every week), and put commuters in actual danger when it's this frigid outside. Absolutely ridiculous. I am sure commuters would rather wait in traffic on a heated bus than stand on a T platform getting frostbite, waiting for a train that isn't coming. Then when it does come it's too crammed full of people, so they continue standing, waiting for a train with space on it. I have zero sympathy for the MBTA. These serious issues need to be fixed.

On a side note

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Why do so many people no it dress appropriately four this extremely cold weather? Seeing people outside WITHOUT A HAT,GLOVES, wearing a coat more appropriate for a 'cold' (40s?) day, fashion boots you wear to go clubbing in, etc. Makes you shake your head. And the women wrong heels trying to walk on snow and ice......LOL


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Yes, when you venture out, prepare for getting trapped outside.
Not merely dropped off from one warm room to transfer to another warm room.
Maybe suffering will teach people?

Wow! I didn't know the MBTA

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Wow! I didn't know the MBTA had its own Cheerleading Squad. How strange?

Let me clear something up for you. It is not the commuters responsibility to dress in clothes meant for an Eskimo....just incase They end up stranded on the platform for 5 hours in below zero temps.

It is the MBTA s responsibility to provide safe, timely service. With a back up plan ready to go.

Question: What is one suppose to do with all those extra layers, down jackets, hats, etc....
When the train finally comes jam packed, no room to breath, heat blazing?

According to you: They should suck it up or die.

You, Obviously have never set foot on a train or a bus at rush hour or any other time on a regular basis. Expecting to get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time.

Get back to us. After a couple of train rides.