Trains fail; can riders bail?

I can't keep calm! I ride the F***ing MBTA!

For a change, no train died on the Red Line. Instead, signal problems at Alewife are making life a living hell for riders.

The 7 a.m. train out of Franklin left this vale of tears in between stations.

Poster via Christine Wilson, who is getting to know the Red Line better than she wants.



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We dont have the olympis in

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We dont have the olympis in Boston yet so its too soon to fix the trains now, Romney understood that, which is why he is working to get the olympics to Boston. He waited till Salt lake City got the olympics until getting trains for that city. We just need to wait, right Romney?

Keep burning that strawman

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Pay no attention to the (D)ominated legislature responsible for our public transit woes which still happily spends hundreds of millions on highway projects each year for suburbanites.

Pay no attention

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to the current MBTA management responsible for our public transit woes which happliy spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on needless and wasteful projects and "customer service" programs every year.