Trains fail, riders quail

The morning commute, like around 6:40, started with an inbound Red Line train kicked the bucket at Savin Hill and a Green Line train meeting its maker at Government Center - an occurrence that the T suggested to riders might be a good time to try out the Orange Line between Back Bay and North station.

As of 7:30 a.m., the T said things were back to normal.



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Just for comparison, can you

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Just for comparison, can you also post articles listing all the incidents/delays on the highways and surface streets?

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Or Google Doc?

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Adamg, at this point, do you have a spreadsheet filled with hundreds of different quips about trains not running?

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Green line problem

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According to a T employee at Lechmere station, there was overnight track work, and when the first train of the morning went through that area, the underside of the train was damaged.

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