Trains go past their expiration date, once more, riders gonna be late

The Green Line tally as of 8:30 a.m.: An inbound trolley on the B Line curdled up and died around 7:20 and an inbound trolley on the D Line spoiled at Reservoir about an hour later. Oh, and the entire Green Line came to a sluggish crawl due to "a power problem" shortly before 7.



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that must have been a mess

verb \ˈkər-dəl\ : to thicken and separate into liquids and solids : to form curds
: to form curds; also : to congeal as if by forming curds
: to go bad or wrong : spoil

so did the train just turn into a gooey mess? i am surprised there were no pictures of this

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Keeping w/food spoilage...

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...all the riders had to exit the train, and as they were now late, they had the runs all the way to the office...

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