Trains succumb, riders are glum

The evening rush started with a Red Line train dying at South Station around 4:20 p.m., followed by a trolley dying somewhere on the Riverside Line.



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Twice-daily mini-poem

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Adam, I love that you've worked your way through the easy rhymes and are embarking on an expansive vocabulary journey to continue to tell us that the morning/evening commute is bollocksed, once again.

this is just to say

I have elbowed
my way
through the doors
of the train

on which
you were probably
for a half hour

Forgive me
the platform was
so crowded
and so cold

How about haiku?

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Adam? The direction of the trains would be helpful too, please.

Sorry, will be sure to add that in from now on

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To be honest, by the time I wrote this, the crisis seemed to have passed, and I was more noting the problems to sort of keep track of all the dying trains out there, but, yes, details count.

Rhyming is okay, but I think

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Rhyming is okay, but I think it needs to be snappy like a Variety headline. How about:

PM T Delays B/C of DOAs

Zeus riddle me this

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Can the Greek Gods please explain what the people in Boston did to make you mad so you gave us the MBTA and this frigid weather? What deal did the russians make to get great weather and trains that work during the Sochi games

Putin extorted them

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Even the gods fall in line when the alternative is the gulag.