Tremont Street UBurger seeks to serve Ubeer and Uwine

UBurger, 140 Tremont St., goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week for permission to start serving beer and wine.

If the board approves, the burger joint would buy a beer and wine license from a Fuddruckers at the airport.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.



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It happened because there's a take out place at BU called "University Grill" that everyone calls "U-Grill." So that was everyone's frame of mind when they saw the name UBurger.

Incidentally, the cab company Uber was delivering burgers in Oakland the other day. They lacked the witicism of the UBurger owners and simply called it "Uber Burger."


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I doubt that University Grill's nickname had much to do with how people outside the BU community pronounces UBurger.


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but you can't throw a rock in Boston without hitting a BU student or alum. The first place opened on campus, so the BU community dominated word-of-mouth.


Good news or bad news

I eat at that location a lot - but this has me worried. Going for a liquor license often means "We're not making enough money for the rent so it's liquor or bust".



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It means let's get some of the people from jm Curley's and Stoddards to get drunk here instead!

By the way, that was a ridiculous statement. It usually means let's make even more money.

That place is packed every day.


They couldn't possibly be

They couldn't possibly be targeting the Suffolk students in the dorm a block away, could they? They wouldn't even think of selling to underage students, would they? Heavens, no!

I don't care, either way, but I just find it funny that a burger joint in that area needs a B/W license.

Haters gonna hate

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You hate the free market, don't you?