Trolley rests in peace, riders wish their pain would cease

At 8:20 a.m., Anna McCarter tweeted:

VERY disabled Green Line D train between Kenmore and Hynes.



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    Mind boggling

    From the sounds of it, the train limped from Hynes to Government Center, and is now heading back inbound, fouling up the whole system right now. They couldn't put the disabled car on the pit track at Park, or leave it on the Government Center loop? They'd have to modify operations if they left it on the loop, but at least the system can be maintained and service would be moving.

    Hearing of delays such as no trains for 20 minutes at Park, and no D trains for 45 minutes.

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    The train in question actually died

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    just after leaving the Government Center loop westbound, forcing westbound trains to be held at Haymarket and North Station until they got it moving. Once it was moving, they detrained everyone at Park Street and dumped the train into the "Tremont Rail" - i.e. the outside westbound track between Park and Boylston.

    Was on an E train that was held at Haymarket for almost 20 minutes because of this. When we finally got into Park, I noted one E train and two C trains that had been looped at Park.

    And I agree with you - they should have run the train into the stub spur at Park Street (which was empty) instead.

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    The stub-ended pit track at

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    The stub-ended pit track at Park St. can only hold one single car, and this was a dead two-car train being pushed by two (a four-car train).

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