Trolley, tracks don't agree at Boylston inbound

A Green Line trolley had a bit of a derailment on Boylston around 8:45 p.m. Inbound Green Line passengers are being told to get off at Copley and get on the Orange Line at Back Bay.



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haven't herd of a derailment there since the PCC days...

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Well now that you mention it,

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Well now that you mention it, the MBTA is "a bit of" a transit system.

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I knew the Green Line had a problem

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Every time I ride the Green Line inbound to Park Street, we reach the curve approaching into Boylston station. Lately, they've put a speed limit sign you see on the roads that tracks the speeds of inbound green line trains. Some trains go right at or below the speed limit entering the station. Other trains enter the station at a higher speed and the sign starts flashing and blinking bright orange. Boylston curve has a problem both inbound and outbound with the screeching curves even when the trains are traveling at such a low speed. I sometimes get stuck at the signal before Boylston inbound and I can see there's a train ahead. 15 mins. later and the signal is still red and the train ahead hasn't moved it makes me anxious that I am going to miss my Red Line train and gonna have to wait another 14 mins.

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Speeds on the signs

The speeds shown on the signs seem to hardly reflect reality. Sometimes there is no movement and it will register as though something is moving 7 or 8 or even 15 MPH. A train can be crawling and it will throw up 23 on the screen.

I think they were more or less put up as a reminder to operators to check their speed, not so much to show actual speed, which they appear too lazy to calibrate properly. They've been posted around since the derailment where the C/D branches split.

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Added an extra hour to my

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Added an extra hour to my commute home after I left in 7th inning of sox game

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