Truck-kabob brings Expressway traffic to a halt

<a href="">Photo by State Police</a>.

A tractor trailer burst into flames shortly before 6 a.m. on the southbound Expressway by the gas tank, completely shutting the southbound side of the road and causing significant delays on the northbound side.

The Boston Fire Department declared the fire out at 6:45, but as of 7:24, State Police were diverting most southbound traffic onto Columbia Road because only the extreme left lane was still open.

The glow Erin Mauro saw outside her Dorchester home wasn't from the sun:

Truck on fire



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I was just about to get onto

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I was just about to get onto 93 at South Bay when I saw all the traffic. Then I saw one of those giant LED information signs saying 93 SB closed, seek alternate route. So I swerved onto Columbia Road, which at least was moving. First time one of those signs actually saved me a huge headache!

Shit. Now we won't have

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Shit. Now we won't have enough oily rags to go around for Valentine's Day.

Saw it burst into flames

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And subsequently got stuck for 1 hour and 20 min while they extinguished it and finally figured out how to route traffic around the truck. Looked burnt to a crisp but no injuries thank goodness.
Crazy how it feels to be completely stopped on the highway for that long. People like to get out of their cars and chat/walk around.

You think 1 hour 20 min is bad

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Try being stuck for three and a half hours, as happened to me once on the NY Thruway. Came upon a box truck on fire in the right shoulder about the same time as NY State Police did. They shut the road down four car lengths in front of me. To make matters worse, they determined the truck was illegally carring chemicals, so even more delay to get Environmental Protection in to verify the scene was safe after the fire was out.

At least I had a CB and a scanner with me, so I had some idea of what was going on.