Shellfish driver storrows at Westwood train bridge; Franklin Line service a mess

Nice day for fare increases and a new operator, but you can't blame this on the T: Around 6:15 a.m., the driver of a lobster truck managed to wedge his truck firmly into the train bridge at East Street and Carroll Avenue, just before the Islington stop. All sorts of delays on the inbound Franklin Line, of course.

There are also delays on the Providence/Stoughton Line.



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    Local flavor

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    What better way to welcome Keolis to Massachusetts than a truck full of lobster taking out one of the rail lines for the morning rush.


    They should at least give

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    They should at least give every Franklin Line passenger a lobster for their trouble.


    Sale on lobsters at the

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    Sale on lobsters at the Brothers Roche in Islington.....
    That bridge has been hit more times than Megabucks !


    "There are also delays on the

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    "There are also delays on the Providence/Stoughton Line."

    Must be a day ending in Y.



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    Monthly occurrence T has budgeted a fix. In 1966 a frozen fish truck did it, abutters were eating lobster for a month

    Fairmount line cancelled, delayed, cancelled, delayed ...

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    May be a new operator, but Keolis seems to have adopted the same old policy. The circular argument that the Fairmount/Readville train is constantly cancelled because it has the lowest ridership ... but in order to build ridership, you have to have a regularly running train, The Fairmount train is cancelled, every other day, and late, every day. Meanwhile, those of us who depend on it end up with 4 hour daily commutes.


    Not surprising

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    The signs on Route 1A advising trucks not to turn onto East Street are about the size of No Parking signs (i.e. very small)

    And not stating the actual clearance on the bridge doesn't help matters either.

    Interesting, however

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    neither vehicle invovled in that was an overheight truck.