Truck vs. Storrow bridge: Bridge wins yet again

Ruined truck on Storrow Drive

Penske must love Storrow Drive. Photo by Matt DeCastro. See it larger.

A truck driver got an introduction to the immutable nature of Storrow Drive bridges and overpasses tonight at Fiedler Footbridge eastbound and now there's debris everywhere, a truck with a newly storrowed roof peeled back like a can of sardines and a driver who probably wishes he were someplace else.



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Best Storrow I've seen so far.

And the shot composition is outstanding considering likely circumstances.

I wonder if they had a lead foot on the gas pedal as that particular peel back pattern is unusually extensive.

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I thought the same. Looked as

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I thought the same. Looked as though he had no concern for the height of the vehicle and didn't hit the brakes until the damage was already done.

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It's a full Storrowing

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A partial Storrowing means just that, partial peel back. The full Storrowing looks like this and yes, a lead foot helps. Maybe we should start scoring these incidents? 1 point for partial, 2 for a full one. Extra points for screwing up traffic during the morning or evening commute. Awards dinner at the end of September?

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"Awards dinner at the end of September?"


A road kill buffet with road kill flambe and maybe even some roadkill brulee.

Honorable mentions for the near storrow.

Special categories like "most creative extraction" "largest traffic jam radius" and the extra special 'lifetime achievement' if significant structural damage to an overpass results in a half year of lingering and confusing detours.

The award can be a gold plated mini "'No Trucks" sign and the coveted little items will be called "Storries"

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Keep going

3 points if you sheer off the top and don't bother to stop.

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Increase the number of points

Increase the number of points based on the size of the Storrowed truck. A full Storrowing (as in the case above) on a 53' trailer ought to be worth at least 5 points.

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Microwave helmet ‘can spot a stroke’

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Scientists say they have devised a helmet that can quickly determine whether a patient has had a stroke.

It could speed diagnosis and treatment of stroke to boost chances of recovery, the scientists say.

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