Turkey on the floor

Central Square turkey

Abigail Taylor reports that Workbar on Prospect Street decided to let the Central Square turkey in to dry her feathers from this morning's torrential rains.



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    In pieces, okay

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    Whole Turkey, not okay.

    Care to tell us why, especially when humans are far more of a threat to your health?

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    So is dog poop

    It comes in on human shoes.

    People are so strange about their beliefs that ritual practices = sanitary environment.

    You clearly misunderstand how avian flu is vectored as well - you have to be living in close quarters or working with a large number of birds!

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    Well ...

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    ... that'd be fine, one supposes, were there just one turkey. In Boston.

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    Laugh now

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    Its all fun and games til the Thomasina foolery ensues.

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    They are getting really close.

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    Inman is next. I'lllet you know when they get to Hampshire St.

    On another note, ticks are out and at it. I saw one groggy specimen on 3/25 in Wayland and another in Fowl Meadow yesterday.

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    they're here...

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    well, I haven't seen any this week. But turkeys have been around Inman for a couple years now. At least it feels like years....and so have ticks for that matter. Not relegated to the burbs and meadowlands, I've found them inside my apartment in past years (no pets).

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    Ticks will follow you.

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    Like tiny miserable arachnid stalkers.

    I ran into a swarm of em last spring in a a preserve in Dover, New Hampshire and a few dessicated wretches still straggled on when I moved back to Inman a few weeks later.

    They like to lurk in pine saplings to drop on unsuspecting passers. The dried understory bracken of last years leaves is another spot.

    I wear white and tuck pants into socks for tick season. I wonder if Turkeys eat them like their Guinea Fowl cousins do?

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    A wild turkey walks into a bar...

    A wild turkey walks into a bar.
    The bartender asks, "What the hell are you supposed to be?"
    The turkey replies, "I'm a wild turkey."
    "Hey, we have a drink here named after you!", the bartender exclaims.
    "You have a drink named 'Kevin'?", asks the turkey.


    (yes I know workbar is not actually a bar, but I may never have another chance to post this)

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    Thanks, Sport

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    I was amused.

    Now let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a fact checker for Discover magazine, among other things. I know how to look stuff up. I don't know how old you are, but it's entirely possible I've been acquainted with the Internet for longer than you've been alive.

    Aside from seriously wanting answers to my questions, the reason I put my questions here, in public, was to offer everybody a crack at showing their expertise; maybe give some folks a chance to crack a joke or two (every one of my questions is a straight line, and I was especially hoping the turkey liberati might weigh in again; cracks me up every time); and also to give some folks who may be wondering about the same things, by the end of the thread, some answers without them having to travel off-site.

    Like I say, I was amused. I offered folks an opportunity to make jokes, and you did. This is just a defense of my professional credentials; nothing personal.


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    well, that explains a lot

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    "Now let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a fact checker for Discover magazine, among other things."

    Son, that's like defending your professional journalism skills by saying "Why good sir, I used to write for the National Enquirer!"

    "I know how to look stuff up."

    Then why didn't you?

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    Real answers...

    As opposed to showing it for no good reason, like I usually do.

    Where do turkeys nest? On the ground? In trees?

    Trees. No, really. I had a bunch (that's the technical term for a shitload of turkeys) nested in my trees a couple of years ago. I took a picture of them, but since it was night, they didn't show up too well. So, no one at work believed me. I still have the pics. Oh, if you've never had the pleasure of witnessing turkeys roosting, picture a 747 landing at Norwood Airport, only without the fireball. Then they all move on the next morning, early. Somehow.

    Is there an easy way to discern a tom from a hen?

    Buy it a drink. If it attacks you, it's a tom. If it attacks you, it's a hen.

    What is their reproduction rate? That is, what's the approximate time period for a doubling of the population?

    I had one female with twelve chicks almost walk into my garage. So, we better get to eating them.

    Finally, how old do wild turkeys generally get to be?

    Second generation two year olds visit my yards.

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