Turkey trots to train terminal

Turkey at South Station

Ami Chitwood spotted the gobbler this morning, wonders if it was trying to hop on the 705 to Framingham.



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    The new Canadian geese

    Visiting my parents for Easter, in the yard there were four big toms in full display along with six to eight females at various times. One of the toms wandered in the street with just its high visibility red, white, and blue markings.

    Saw male not puffed out

    yesterday in the drizzle (not enough females to impress, I suppose). Still looked big. "Beard" hung from his chest, touching the ground. Then he flapped his wings. Wow, surprisingly large wing span.


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    Since we haven't heard from the Turkey Liberation Front on this posting, perhaps this turkey IS the one who posts here, too humble to toot his own horn?


    He's probably just asking

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    He's probably just asking folks for some bus money to Fall River so he can go to rehab.