Twice the history in the Charlestown Navy Yard

USS Constituion and the Charles W. Morgan

Brian MacLean photographed the USS Constitution and the Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship in the world, currently here on a port call during its 38th voyage (more photos).

Copyright Brian MacLean. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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The yuppies will complain

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The yuppies will complain that the second set of sails is blocking their view of the harbor.

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And the townies will complain

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And the townies will complain about the traffic and the parking problems this will bring.

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I went onboard (Mystic Seaport has a terrific website devoted to the 38th Voyage of the Morgan). I felt sickened when confronted with the whale processing equipment and harpoons lined up and ready, but it was also nice to know that cetacean scientists have been onboard for parts of this final tour. One of the NEAQ whale watch boats crossed paths with the Morgan on Stellwagen Bank and took pics of her engaging in whale watching and research. That's a nice karmic ending to this vessel's career.

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Those who have read "White

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Those who have read "White Jacket" by Herman Melville may see the irony in this. Whale ships and whalemen were not considered by navy people to be good company to keep.

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And then

... The people in JP will protest the glorification of the whaling industry.

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The oldest and second oldest American ships still afloat, docked side by side....Awesome

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