Two-car crash injures two in Forest Hills

A crash sent an off-duty cop and another person to the hospital near the Forest Hills T station around 11:25 p.m. Roads around the station were shut down as firefighters worked to free the officer from the wreck of his car.



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I understand that cops have

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I understand that cops have to get the situation under control before they focus on setting up an efficient traffic detour.

But by the time we got there, two cop cars were blocking the road several blocks away at Washington and the southern piece of Burnett. And they were blocking both Washington and Burnett, so you couldn't use Burnett to turn around. So a whole line of cars had to do a U-turn in unison.

It would have been safer, and saved everyone time, if they'd blocked Washington at McBride or Brookley instead. That way, every approaching car wouldn't have to drive into the trap, then figure out that the road was blocked when they saw the cop car, and have to make a U-turn.

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