Two-car crash sends four to the hospital, including a mother and child crossing the street

Boston MA - Four Sent To Hopsitals With Injuries After Two Cars & Two Pedestrians Collide in Roxbury

Happened around 3:45 p.m. at Tremont and Prentiss streets, near Boston Police headquarters in Roxbury. The mother and child were taken away in critical condition.



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Doesn't help when vehicles are not in control

I don't know exactly what happened here, but it is possible that one vehicle was stopped, and another plowed it into the crosswalk and into the people crossing.

I had to make a dramatic move to avoid one of these before. Very scary situation.

In this case, there were toppled light poles involved - which may also have squashed people waiting on the sidewalk. Ugly collision.

Based on witnesses at the

Based on witnesses at the scene saying one of the cars was trying to make a left turn on Tremont, I'd figure the Prius was driving straight, outbound on Tremont, the other car was probably going inbound, tried to take the left onto Prentiss into the path of the Prius, hitting it, causing the Prius to hit the pole and the pedestrians.

(and before someone mentions it, yes I screwed up in the title slide of my video, obviously I meant Prentiss when I wrote Parker and didn't catch my mistake before I uploaded it)

That part of Tremont is like a highway

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Very similar to the conditions further down on Columbus Ave, where on Christmas Eve a woman was killed crossing the street. Drivers go way too fast, very easy to see how this kind of crash could happen. The city does nothing about it.

I hope that, in this case, this family will be able to recover and be okay in the end.

God I hate driving down that

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God I hate driving down that stretch of Tremont. Folks regularly do 50+ MPH, even though there are stoplights and crosswalks every two hundred yards.

What's especially galling is that it's literally right in front of Boston Police headquarters. Of all the places in the city you'd expect to see even nominal traffic enforcement, this would be it. But I don't think I've ever seen anyone pulled over around here.