Two men charged with attacking girlfriends this weekend; both ordered to stay away from alcohol

Two men arrested over the weekend for attacking their girlfriends were released on personal recognizance at their arraignments in West Roxbury District Court today after neither woman expressed interest in having them locked up. One man was, however, released on condition he stay away and wear a GPS device pending the outcome of his case; both were told to stay alcohol free.

In one of the cases, the woman, from Jamaica Plain, showed up in court with a visibly fresh black eye, but told Judge Debra DelVecchio it was the first time her boyfriend had ever slugged her in a two-decade relationship that has included having six children together and that it was because he was drunk and got jealous at a party on seeing her take some money from another man. Under questioning by the judge, she said she did not think he would do it again, that she was not afraid of him and that she did not want him behind bars.

Based on her statements, DelVecchio ordered the man released on personal recognizance on condition he not abuse his girlfriend, stay off alcohol, submit to random alcohol screenings and meet regularly with a probation order while his case is pending.

In the other case, a Mission Hill man was charged with domestic assault and battery and breaking and entering for an incident in which he allegedly broke into her bedroom, trashed the place and then pinned her to the bed. The girlfriend escaped to call 911 when she punched him in the face, giving him the black eye he had in court this morning, prosecutors say.

Again, based on a statement by the girlfriend - who did not attend the hearing - that she did not want him locked up, DelVecchio released Max Thorn, 25, on personal recognizance on charges of domestic assault and battery and breaking and entering. On the request of Suffolk County prosecutors, DelVecchio did order him to stay away from their apartment, wear a GPS device and remain alcohol free. She rejected a request for bail of $1,000.

According to prosecutors, on Saturday, police were called to their apartment in a visit that ended with them telling Thorn to stay away for the night. But a few hours later, early on Sunday, prosecutors say, he returned, but not through the door: He allegedly ripped the screens off bedroom windows, climbed in and, according to an assistant Suffolk District Attorney, "ransacked the bedroom," threw her clothes all over, shoved furniture around and dropped a TV on the floor. When she entered, he allegedly said he wanted to kill her and then pinned her on the bed.

DelVecchio said she found Thorn's alleged return and attack after being told to stay away "very disturbing," but said that unless the victim herself wanted stronger measures taken to protect her, there were limits to what she could do. In fact, she halted the arraignment to let the assistant DA contact the girlfriend to see if she was sure she didn't want an order requiring Thorn to stay away - initially, she had indicated she did not.

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    Telling the

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    second guy to stay away does not seem effective. How can judges issue such lame ass orders? I fear for her safety.

    The judge isn't the one who

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    The judge isn't the one who has potential killer bf so she doesn't really need to be concerned. Liberal is liberal


    It was the "liberal" judge in my neice's case who terminated custody with her abusive ex husband. It was the "conservative" judge that lectured her about being a bad mother and wife and told her to work it out with her abusive ex like a grownup.

    Even though she hasn't seen a cent in child support and has constantly been stalked and attacked ...


    you better get on board with the mens rights movement on the ground floor. Turn on Fox, dye your hair blonde, buy your own condoms, keep your mouth shut and stay in the kitchen. Now let me get back to listening to Rush.


    4 ex-wives asked that same question. Some people just don't know their place.

    Can you read?

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    The judge said that she found it "very disturbing" but if the victim doesn't want to proceed then there's little she can do. As much as you'd prefer it, it has nothing to do with politics. Unfortunate.

    I was mainly pertaining to

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    I was mainly pertaining to the bail denial. And sorry to hear about your niece and her unfortunate situation. I would love to start seeing criminals punished to the fullest extent of the law here in MA...

    It's conservatives who

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    It's conservatives who constantly proclaim 'boys will be boys.' It's conservatives who victim blame. It's conservatives who say 'she was asking for it.' Wake up to yourself!

    If I am constantly

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    If I am constantly proclaiming "boys will be boys" and blaming the victim, then what the hell are all these guns for?

    then judge dougan must be a

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    then judge dougan must be a ragging conservative, since hes all about gun violations by felons being dismissed

    Never the liberals

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    Except for when it's Hillary laughing about getting a child rapist, who she saw as guilty, off with time served... but you wouldn't like to discuss that.


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    Oh wait...sorry, I think I've wandered off topic. Never mind.


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    My bad, read and reacted too quickly.