Two nights on Long Island

Dig reporter Bill Hayduke boards the bus at the Woods-Mullen Shelter in the South End for the bus ride to the Long Island shelter:

By nighttime I’ve declined several offers of pills, shared a joint with some people, and narrowly avoided starting my own fight with a guy who needed someone to punch. I concede defeat to the mosquitoes and go inside to sleep with about four hours left before I have to wake up and claim a ticket home.



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      Long Island Shelter

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      I have to ask, where are the women? Hayduke refers to 400 homeless people who are guests of the Long Island Shelter nightly. Are they all men? He only references male guests, but never quite says it is a male only shelter. There is a sister institution, Rosie's Place in Boston Harbor too, but he does not mention women at all.

      You don't mix homeless men

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      You don't mix homeless men with women for good reason. Keeping separate facilities is very important for the safety of the women.

      Woods Mullen and Long Island

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      Woods Mullen and Long Island both have female "guests." Rosie's Place is on Harrison Ave. It's not affiliated with Woods Mullen or Long Island.


      I get the same frustrated feeling from reading this article that I got unexpectedly from standing in line at a job fair with hundreds of out of work biotech people - the sheer waste of human potential by a system lets some of those willing and able to work stagnate.

      access to drugs??

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      I was most concerned about the drugs that were reported to be so accessible to the guests.