Two other unlicensed radio stations also shut by feds

Touch FM got all the publicity, but federal agents yesterday also shut two other stations - one at 100.1 MHz that broadcast in Haitian creole from studios in Dorchester and another in Brockton.

In a statement, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said:

It is a public safety hazard for illegal radio stations to broadcast, potentially interfering with critical radio communications.

Like any member of the community, the operators of these illegal stations could have applied for free low power radio licenses and operated their stations in compliance with the law. When they choose to operate illegally, and continue those operations after being warned multiple times, action must be taken.

The Dorchester station, Radio Tele Boston, with antennas in Everett, Mattapan and Brockton, interfered with WBRS, the licensed student station at Brandeis University in Waltham.

In February, the FCC ordered a Mattapan man to shut his unlicensed station in Brockton.

Meanwhile, the Globe reports Gov. Patrick wants Touch FM back on the air.



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    how does the average listener know which stations are pirate?

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    Tangentially related.
    As far as I know, they don't ever announce their piracy on air, but some of my favorite stations are pirates. I miss Happy FM broadcasting from Dedham at random hours.
    Anyhow, I was wondering what the deal is with the commercials you hear on the aforementioned stations. I guess I thought that big companies wouldn't advertise through illicit avenues, but I've been hearing tons of ads on Hot97 (or whatever it's called now), including for Biore.
    If anyone can shed some light on this, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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    Shut Them All Down-Follow the Law!

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    Why is the FCC so lax. Shut them down and fine the owners. If you need a license, you need a license. Anyone can apply and if you get the license your in business, if not try again. Simple!

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    Why is the FCC so lax.

    I don't know about lax. They're pretty busy. Here's the list of reasons:

    • There are quite a number of unlicensed stations in the US - to give you some idea, depending upon who is counting and depending upon what geographical limits you apply to "the Boston area", there are around 30-40 pirates that have an established ~18-24 hour schedule, and probably even more "hobby pirates", which are less serious operations. Now multiply that by the number and size of all the other metropolitan areas in the US and add in a few in rural areas. You get the idea.
    • To bust a station means that they have to locate the transmitter. This takes time. The studio may not be located where the transmitter is located, further complicating matters.
    • There's a finite amount of engineering staff and they have plenty of other tasks to do besides busting guys like Clemons. (Standard insufficient staffing at Federal agencies)
    • It's been suggested on here that some local politicians have sheltered some of the stations. That may or may not be true, but if it is, this will obviously gum up the works too.
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    Nothing should be free! Especially freedom! How would you like it if you needed a license to use the internet?

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    So much for the Walsh

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    ..vendetta theory.

    The immigrant communities with literacy issues among the elderly are particularly dependent on radio.

    Back in the day, in Haiti, Papa Doc had no issues with newspapers and had the illusion of a free press but it was due to low literacy rates in a desperately poor country.

    He was quite ruthless about controlling radio.

    Elderly people in general are among the last audience constituents for radio and there must be considerable enthusiasm for firing up some kind of transmitter.

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    FEDERAL communications commission

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    Which part of that do you not understand? Nevermind that they've been going after the unlicensed radio stations in Boston for *years*, and Walsh has been in office a few months?

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    Wasn't my theory.. there 'anon'.

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    Someone else was muttering darkly in some prior comment on the initial story.

    By Jim Kane (not verified) on Thu, 04/17/2014 - 4:27pm
    It was no secret that Mayor Menino protected the station as it did provide a needed service to that part of the city.
    Clemons made a fatal mistake - he backed the wrong horse in the final election. Marty Walsh never forgets.

    What a miserable pent up bunch we have sprinkled through the vociferous and lively commentariat.

    What do you do, some over caffeinated ricochet off of whatever miserable humiliation must be your day gig to pounce on some potential wrong thing in an intertoobz comment section?

    And then it's just some sloppy missed shot in the dark?


    My radio background included shows at WMFO, WHRB, WBRS and a night shift job for the AM affiliate of WBOS broadcasting from a swamp in Newton. I think it was called WUNR.

    So yeah I know about FCC stuff, even had a class three broadcast endorsement back when that shit still mattered.

    But I only mention it to provide a clearer sense of .."what part of FCC blah blah arglebargle snorp snorp."

    That way when you pounce like a meth addled rat next time, you'll have a better crack at a bulls eye.

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    Up the IRA!

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    Just a hunch here, but, I think that if this were a bunch of Micks broadcasting the Wolfetones from an illegal transmitter above the Eire Pub, Deval would have no problem with the FCC shutting them down....

    Selective moralism and cheap identity politics at its worst. Isn't there a corporation that he should be shaking down somewhere, like Ameriquest?

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    Oh gawd.. I laughed back in the war on terrah

    By on

    .. when Bush was yapping away about harboring terrah-rists overseas when Boston has been the worlds biggest safe house for IRA provos like forever.

    Roach Sporting Goods in Cambridge and Ivanhoe Sports in Waltham were both busted in like the 70s for shipping high power rifles to the aulde sod.

    If we were to follow his logic, the Brits would have to do drone attacks on Dot or something.

    I remember one scary bruiser who drove trucks up around Malden and played pipes at various bars on the side.

    Just keep bangin that kettle old pot.

    Also too, the Wolfe Tones are a great band. is perfect for Easter.

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    This is true. It took 9/11 to

    By on

    This is true. It took 9/11 to wake up us officials (and severely misguided American IRA supporters to finally realized the IRA (and it's British counterpart) were nothing more than terrorists orgs who it turns out were being trained by Islamist terrorists. Ergo supporting such groups = supporting jihadists.
    It dried up their money quick and guess what - peace talk and now hardly a peep in northern Ireland since except by a new much lesser non-ira associated extremist group.
    Go to Belfast - the locals want jobs and a good life something denied to them by the OR A/protestant crooks who were making money off their misery but tons of dough in gun sales and illegal drugs.
    Just like Whitney burger who kept Southside safe - yes safe from his competition while he personally ruined their lives with heroin corruption beat downs. Always look for the one making the money!!!
    Now I hear Bain capital getting into the sobriety / drug treatment biz. Cuz they are backing the drug companies (heavily financed by fad grant money) who make the opiates pushing them on the public who then get addicted and now they'll be getting more of your tax dollars to treat those they pushed the drugs on.

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    They had a hedge going..

    By on

    If the Troubles persisted and popular support was there, the IRA could continue as a kind of paramilitary.

    But if it all subsided and the aulde sod began to pacify and prosper, they could always deal cocaine and smuggle stuff.

    Why waste a perfectly good clandestine network?

    This made em perfect for working with Whitey.

    And what better way to launder the money than the creation of dozens of cookie cutter identical Irish pubs seeded thoroughly through their home away from home.... here?

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    Don't screw up his narrative with facts

    By on

    We'll leave aside that the path to Good Friday began with the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985 and was due in no small part to the IRA's realization that the UVF and UDA, along (and most likely in collusion) with the British government were getting the upper hand in the conflict. Gerry Adams was all set to trade the armalite for the ballot box.

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    And there's always the possibility

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    ..that two basically decent hard working cultures of glorified cousins got sick of pounding each other over which flavor of sky god myth should prevail.

    It could be argued that this urge to move on and find ways to prosper eventually undermined the basis for conflict.

    And look at how the aulde sod took off as an economic power house soon after.

    While it may have gone overboard with banking excesses later, the benefits of hostility cessation are pretty impressive.

    The particulars of dates and frameworks are like decorations on an Easter egg.

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    Hypocritical Much?

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    If it's Deval's version of divisive, identity politics it's okay. But when Dapper O'Neil did it, that was abhorrent.

    Today's lesson from Swirly, same as yesterday's: Some animals are just more equal than others.

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    If so, then perhaps the FCC's

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    If so, then perhaps the FCC's rules and regs that protect licensed stations are completely bass-ackwards and politically warped? And perhaps you and other like-minded folks have begun complaining to the FCC and clamoring for some kind of social justice for TOUCH-FM's principals and listeners? And you are fine with looking the other way when it comes to this long-time lawbreaker Clemons, rather than starting or supporting a legitimately concerned group who will properly apply for a LPFM license? With his ongoing rogue actions, Clemons has truly dissed, and maybe even weakened, his own community.

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    Not everything

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    Welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing....those don't.

    So not everything disproportionately hurts the poor, just all the things that you've been told to like.

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    Don't like the FCC rules and

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    Don't like the FCC rules and want to be a rogue pirate operator , then why can't I pick and chose what taxes I care to pay ? We are trying to have a civilization here. Not everyone can have a free lunch.

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    You can IF ...

    > then why can't I pick and chose what taxes I care to pay ?

    ... you are a right-wing Nevada rancher.

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    Leonid Brezhnev

    By on

    ..loved that show. He even got his own rifle from Chuck, himself.

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    Chuck Connors also played

    By on

    Chuck Connors also played basketball for the Boston Celtics , and played pro baseball too.

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    Heard this before

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    on a couple of different businesses. "Why does the ABC have any say on how I run a liquor establishment? If I want to run a bar and open until 4am, who has the right to say I can't?"
    "Why do taxi cabs have to be licensed? Why can't I serve alcohol in my cab?"
    " I want to build 200 condo units in the City, why do I need to provide parking?"

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    Apples and oranges

    Liquor stores, bars, and taxicabs do not consume a finite publicly owned resource; radio stations do.

    Requiring you to license a piece of frequency spectrum if you're going to operate a radio station is a lot more like requiring you to own or rent the property on which you want to graze cattle than it is like requiring you to get a license to run a bar.

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    The plot thickens :

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    The plot thickens :

    Officials say radio equipment seized from pirate radio station in Brockton

    Radio transmission equipment was seized from three radio stations including one in Brockton said United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz.
    It is alleged that the three stations were operating without a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
    The seizures of radio equipment occurred at 88.7 FM broadcasting from Brockton; 100.1 FM, broadcasting from Brockton, Everett and Mattapan, with a studio in Dorchester; and Touch 106.1 FM, broadcasting from Boston.
    The seizures were conducted by the United States Marshals service and the FCC on April 16 and 17. Equipment operated by the radio station using frequency 100.1 MHz was taken from North Manchester Street in Brockton. Equipment was also seized by the radio station using frequency 88.7 MHz was taken from the station’s last known address on Crescent Street in Brockton.
    The FCC issued multiple warnings to the illegal operators but the radio stations continued to broadcast, according to the Department of Justice.“It is a public safety hazard for illegal radio stations to broadcast, potentially interfering with critical radio communications,” said Ortiz.

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